Stormtroopers, the successors to the Clone Troopers of the former Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars are the elite shocktroopers of the new Galactic Empire. They’re mandate is to overwhelm enemies of the Empire of all sizes with superior weapons, numbers and training.

Currently with only one year having passed since the conclusion of the Clone Wars the main weaponry of the Stormtroopers is the same as it was during the forces time as Clone Troopers, with the forces also continuing to wear Phase II Clone Trooper Armour as well.

The most feared and elite Legion of Stormtroopers is the legendary 501st Legion, also known as Vader’s Fist. This nickname is take from mysterious figure often found commanding the legion in battle Darth Vader. The 501st was the legion which valiantly stopped the Jedi Revolt at the end of the Clone Wars on Coruscant.

One legion well known to the player party is the 905th Legion, currently stationed on Ando as the main occupational force. The senior most Stormtrooper of the 905th which the party has met is Commander Crack, a surely commander with little patience or respect for the player party’s skills or motives.

905th Legion Stormtrooper

A Stormtrooper with the 905th Legion


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