Dantooine was a terrestrial planet located in the Riabollo Sector of the Outer Rim Territories. The planet, far removed from the main traffic of the galaxy at large was host to only a small number of rural settlements, with a sentient population that was estimated at times to be as low as one thousand at many points in its history.

Planetary data

A local Dantooine day lasted 25 hours and it’s years would last 378 of those local days. Two small moons orbited the planet. From orbit one could easily marval at the planets olive green grasslands, blue seas and rivers, brown hills, and rolling savannahs of lavender and yellow grasses. The soil was generally considered rich and fertile, which made the world very attractive for farming settlements.

A great abundance of ore, such as the rare Danto-Lommite Ore could also be found in many deposits across the planet.

Dantooine is also home to a large population of the indigenous Dantari, the mostly simple and nomadic near baseline humans who live off the land in tribes and villages. Two of such tribes are the nomadic beast-riding Irith and the peaceful mound-building Kiwa.

Recent History

Shortly after the Clone Wars, an individual known as the Tarisian built a mining outpost and founded the nearby colony of Ecumenopolis to support the colony. Though profitable from the onset, constant raids by defeated Separatist and pirates caused a great damage and death which in turn hampered ore extraction and profits.

Through the Tarisian’s numerous agents throughout the galaxy, the player party was recruited at a cost of 500,000 credits for a six month contract of employment to proactively defend Ecumenopolis.


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