Trandoshans are heavily built, bipedal reptilian humanoids hailing from the planet Trandosha in the Mytaranor sector. Though slow by comparison to baseline humans, Trandoshan’s are substantially stronger and have the ability to regrow lost limbs. This strength and knack for perseverance have lead many Trandoshan’s to become bounty hunters and soliders of fortune.

Transoshan’s for generations have feuded with their close neighbours the Wookies, with many conflicts having occurred during these times. Trandoshan’s currently enjoy warm relations with the Galactic Empire.

The most prominent Trandoshan the player party has met is Ssruzzz, a Nar Shadda based smuggler who helped sell off their seized merchandise at a reasonable price.


Ssruzzz, a Nar Shadda based smuggler and friend of Kalko.


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