Ocean Scoundrel

The Ocean Scoundrel was a kolto harvesting rig operating on the planet Manaan shortly after the end of the Clone Wars which was owned by the mysterious businessman known as the Tarisian. The foreman in charge of the platform a year after the end of the Clone Wars was the Gungan Branx Lot’Din and was operated by a team of local Selkath and off world laborers.


The rig itself was a repulsor platform built by the Corellian Engineering Corperation in the years before the Clone Wars in an attempt to break into the high altitude based gas mining industry. The rig was purchased by a buyer on the Tarisian’s behalf just before the end of the Clone Wars second hand, and refitted to hover at a much lower altitude and to mine ocean water as opposed to gases.

This was done due to the then secret discovery of a new and lucrative kolto-rich portion of the Manaan ocean of which there was still a high demand for.

Arrival on Manaan

By the time a year had passed since the Clone Wars end the Ocean Scoundrel was near ready to begin operation, but did not due to the combined efforts of three rival organizations. The Hunto Pawa Hutt cartel and the Black Sun crime syndicate conspired to delay the delivery of crucial parts needed to bring the rig to full operation, and a band of Selkath isolationists intimidated the majority of the rig’s Selkath employees into quitting their jobs.

Black Sun and the Hunto Pawa had their own rigs in place and were hoping to eliminate any competition in exploiting the planets supply of Manaan.

The player party first arrived on the Ocean Scoundrel after narrowly escaping the deadly Hutt henchman Negas following the party’s conning of three million credits from King Duumba and King Larngo after their attempt to rescue their ally and fellow employee of the Tarisian Krith Nosix.

Ocean Scoundrel

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