Nar Shadda

Nar Shadda, also known as the Smugglers Moon is the largest moon of the planet Nal Hutta located in Hutt Space. The planet is a ecumenopolis like Imperial Center, however unlike the galactic capital it is wrought with crime and pollution. The planet is considered to be the most famous, open and business friendly world in all of Hutt Space.


Nar Shadda, like it’s mother world Nal Hutta were brutally annexed by the Hutt’s around the year 15,000 GrS after the Hutt’s abandoned their own homeworld. The planets natives were forced into slavery and used at slave labour in building the ecumenopolis in the following centuries.

The moon has since then grown into the galactic center of criminal enterprises, with nearly every criminal syndicate having a presence on the world, a fact permitted by it’s Hutt rulers as being good for business. The planets loose laws have also attracted scores of galactic spanning corporations and organizations as well, ones seeking to avoid Republic and later Imperial regulators.

Slaves, spice, and other scores of illegal goods have been freely traded on Nar Shadda for millenia, and countless businessmen and smugglers have been made very rich amongst the planets dark towers and wretched undercities.

The player party first came to Nar Shadda after fleeing Ryloth and seeking out a way to sell the supply of giggledust they had salvaged on Ando. While Kalko was selling the spice through his associate Ssruzzz it was discovered by the authorities of Nar Shadda that the player party was wanted for crimes against the Empire. The authorities however were willing to accept the party as guests on Nar Shadda so long as they were doing business there, an example of the Hutt’s friendliness to business interests and their willingness to turn a blind eye to criminals in their midsts.

Nar Shadda

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