The Direktoranda is the leadership council of the Hunto Pawa cartel. The main goal of the Direktoranda has been since the creation of the cartel to ensure no one single vision guides their entire criminal enterprise.

One notable factor that has set the Direktoranda apart from other leaderships of Hutt families is the fact that the Direktoranda’s first priority is not always money, but often times lawfulness and obedience to orders. This however is something only known to very few, as again unlike other Hutt families the Direktoranda do not seek publicity or prestige, and therefore to even most underworld experts it is a complete mystery who truly runs the Hunto Pawa cartel.

Even within the Hunto Pawa itself it is a secret how Hutt’s are selected to rule on the Direktoranda.

Curent Leadership

Currently there are three elder Hutt’s on the Direktoranda, though in the past that number has been as high as ten. There was recently a fourth elder Hutt on the council, though they disappeared nearly two decades ago and their fate remains a mystery.

The Hutt’s on the council are known only by their first formal names, Margori, the eldest of the Hutt’s with a cybernetic arm and an often tired look on his face, Caibara, the youngest and most vicious of the Hutt’s with his cybernetic eye and the look frozen on his face of a serpent ready to strike, and Aroba, the Hutt who more than anything else takes gleeful joy in all the business of the Hunto Pawa.

The Hutt Lords Margori, Aroba and Caibara.


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