Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

Episode XXXVI

Renegade Rebellion

The Crawl

Through harrowing feats of combat strength and political manipulation, our heroes have achieved what none could have thought possible only a year ago, the assassination of the EMPEROR of the GALACTIC EMPIRE, the securing of the galactic capital IMPERIAL CENTER, and the appointment of a new Chancellor who’s help they now seek to bring about the end once and for all of the so called New Order.

Even with these titanic achievements behind them however their task is still yet to be complete, as our heroes, newly reunited on IMPERIAL CENTER venture out to secure the headquarters of the feared New Order stronghold of IMPERIAL INTELLIGENCE, keenly aware all the while that the whereabouts of the dreaded DARTH VADER still remains unknown throughout the madness the days past.

Yet our heroes press ever onwards and forward as their ultimate victory against the Empire at is nearly at hand, even as a Galaxy of enemies unknowingly draw their plans against them…

The Lion’s Den

Knowing full well that the fate that doomed a thousand Imperial Stormtroopers attempting to seize control of Imperial Intelligence’s headquarters on Imperial Center awaited them as well, Owen Tobt as well as his partner K0-PR lead the party to a secret entrance into known to only a few members of the Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations which also allowed them to bypass the massive military-like perimeter around the entirety of the headquarters that the Coruscant Security Force had erected.

The entrance was an ancient turbo-lift burried deep in a long forgotten maintenance tunnel an entire fifty levels below the surface of Imperial Center, and was now the party’s only option for gaining entrance to the three kilometer long sprawling network of structures, hidden passages and foundations, some of which were said to date back four-thousand years.

Although Krith was stunned and left unconscious while attempting to override the security panel to let the party into the turbo lift, Thrax succeeded and the party entered the lift as Tobt & K0 wished them luck, having their own work to do.

When the lift let the part off in the bowls of one of the larger complexes in the headquarters, Shad Raal’s Mandalorian’s and Darius’s howling 99 Clone Troopers fanned out, although the complex seemed to be mostly deserted.

The party had a brief combat encounter with Imperial Intelligence security forces but quickly overpowered their enemies, taking their uniforms & weapons while Akira secured one of the security officer’s helmets with an open comlink and access to the legendary internal and private holonet of Imperial Intelligence. With Thrax’s help the party was able to download hundreds of files related to the headquarters layout, and even locate the offices of Director Armand Isard himself.

Using this information the party travelled to the headquarters of Director Isard, where they confronted him only to discover that he was in fact waiting or them, along with a man clad in red robes wielding a double-bladed sword bathed in red flame flanked by a dozen deadly martial artists. Darius recognized the man, as the “Inquisitor” who had massacred his fellow survivors on Laponth and left him for dead. Nyla recognized the man from the descriptions given by Elsae and Eldewyn as the dreaded Imperial fiend who had hunted them down and killed their adoptive Jedi master Ofar Tan-Doov.

The party entered a ferocious battle with the Inquisitor and his warriors, and although the Inquisitor and his acolytes strength and ability to manipulate and create fire itself were nearly fatal to many, the party defeated the Inquisitor with Akira delivering the final killing blow as the Inquisitor shouted in defiance “Vahl will consume me, it will be glorious!”, leaving Director Isard to desperately ytry to bite down on a poison tooth before Akira and Nyla saved his life with a combination of Force powers and medicine.

WIth the Director stabilized the party turned their attention to a single woman, an acolyte of the Inquisitor who had survived but had lost an arm. After a brief interrogation and the party learned the the Inquisitor had been tasked by the Emperor himself with finding Force-sensitive to recruit into his armies of Dark Jedi and Sith practitioners while destroying what was left of the Jedi Order. They also learned that something named “Operation Kooroo” was in effect, and that dozens of old and decaying startports around the industrial section of Imperial Center known as The Works were now under the control of Imperial Intelligence and their allies and were busy readying the startports for the arrival of an Imperial task force with half a million Stormtroopers ready to retake sections of the capital before the arrival of an even larger task force.

Even worse, the fast approaching task force was lead by Darth Vader himself, who not only knew of the player party but was anxious to meet them.

Although Aidan Dyre at first ordered Akira to kill the survivor, Nyla persuaded them both to allow her to live, with the exception of Akira using the Force to erase her memory of revealing what she had to the party.

With Director Isard in tow, the party pillaged the director’s office for many high-tech weapons, gadgets and artefacts, and after setting a series of high explosives evacuated the building using the director’s personal lift. Included in the haul of stolen goods were two anti-capital ship defensive explosive devices, both were Icon emitters that emitted a one time only Ion wave in all directions, but the ion wave for both devices would only begin at a radius distance safe from the device in the middle, the smaller of the two devices set for one hundred meters, the larger of the two at three kilometres.

Aidan Dyre was sure to see that these devices were held onto for future use as he considered them to be incredibly useful.

Vader Approaches

The party successfully exited the headquarters as the building that the Director’s office was in exploded and split up to take care of the tasks at hand. After informing Toft that the party was holding the Director prisoner Akira visited Krith who was recovering from his earlier injury but was excited beyond description at the thought of having the Director’s high level access to the Imperial Intelligence Holonet of legend and infamy.

While Akira and Krith poured over the treasure trove of intelligence and secrets, the rest of the party lead the Coruscant Security Force along with the Coruscant Guard in securing the starports in the Works with little resistance. Although Vader’s task force was six hours away, they would have no safe landing zone on the entire planet.

The Sharp Scalpel of Diplomacy

Armed with a mountain of intelligence, including the bombshell discovery that Chancellor Vipoth’s financial secretary was in fact on the payroll of Imperial Intelligence.

After a half-hour wait Akira is able to meet with Chancellor Vipoth where he briefs her on the foiled Operation Kooroo and the approaching task-force lead by Darth Vader, now five and a half hours away. Vipoth assures Akira that she will rally the sector’s defence forces to protect the Galactic capital but that she needs the help of other world’s military’s, many of which are hesitant to become involved in a potential Galactic Civil War.

Akira first met with an elder statesman of the senate, a man lovingly referred to by his colleague’s as “The Most Interesting Man in the Senate”.

The senate’s most interesting man was sceptical at first of what Akira was saying, insisting that time was still needed to evaluate the Empire’s plans in the short term and the long term before becoming directly involved in an armed rebellion. Akira however used information Krith had taken from the Imperial Intelligence holonet to reveal not only a large number of spy’s and mole’s within his wealthy family’s operation as well as plans to move domestic legislative powers away from elected representatives and to the newly appointed Governor of the sector instead.

After considering this damning information, the senate’s most interesting man vowed to use his influence to persuade other worlds sympathetic to Chancellor Vipoth and opposed to the militaristic Galactic Empire to send military aid to defend Imperial Center from Vader’s task force.

Next Akira met with the Bothan senator and his delegation, as the Bothan’s ran one of the largest and most sophysticated spynets in the Galaxy he knew he would need them on the party’s side if they were to have any hope of winning against the Galactic Empire.

The Bothans were immediately sceptical of Akira and even more reluctant to share any information held by the Bothan spynet regarding the Galactic Empire.

Akira peaked the Bothan’ss interest however when he showed them information taken from Imperial Intelligence’s holonet that detailed how the Empire could neuter the Bothan’s spynet in the short and the long term, how through the use of double-agents and false information they could limit the Bothan’s ability to be a force in the galaxy. With this information and more detailed planned counter-measures against the Bothan’s, Akira was able to convince the Bothan’s to provide precise information about the size and strength of Vader’s task force and offered to help Akira and the party again in the future if he could provide more intelligence, which Akira assured them he could. When Akira assured the Bothan senator that he was not lying and would always be truthful, the Bothan senator assured him he already knew this, as Akira had been actively scanned by a sophisticated lie detector since he first arrived in the Bothan senator’s office.

When the Dead Speak

With only an hour before the arrival of Vader’s task force the last of the nearby & allied star system’s committed force’s arrived over Imperial Center, taking up defensive positions around the Galactic capital.

The party and Viptoth’s advisor’s as well as the sector’s command structure agreed that with the force of five hundred assembled warships including Star Destroyers, Dreadnaught’s and locally made warships they could defend against a small enemy effort, but that they would be helpless against a combined force of sector fleets.

The entirety of Imperial Oversector Zero was put into lock down, with only friendly forces, including the allies the player party had made over their time together and those forces committed by friendly and supportive worlds being allowed entrance.

When the zero hour approached Vader’s task force arrived out of hyperspace, almost perfectly evenly matched ship for ship with the party’s assembled fleet of defenders. Immediately however before opening fire on fleet defending Imperial Center the party, their fleet, and everyone throughout the sector received a holonet transmission from what appeared to be the Emperor himself.

The humble and kindly man with a face scarred from an attempt on his life years earlier, allegedly at the hands of the Jedi seemed just as he always had, now sitting behind a simple desk in his trademark robes addressing the camera before him. i"My friends, a terrible crime has been committed, and I am afraid that you have been tricked by a group of traitorous insurgents who wish only to plunge our peaceful Galaxy into all out and endless war. Please, I beg of you, peaceful and loyal citizens of our Empire to stand down so that we may capture these dangerous insurgents, these armed rebels and bring order back to our beloved Galaxy". This was followed by a transmission directed at the defending fleet by Darth Vader himself, ordering all to surrender immediately or be destroyed.

When both transmission’s ceased, the party immediately informed their allies that they knew that the Emperor’s transmission was surely a fake as they had seen him die on Naboo with their own eyes. The player party ordered their fighter squadrons launched and their warships to open fire immediately.

The battle for Imperial Center had begun.



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