Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

Episode XXXVII
Rebels at the Gates

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Episode XXXVI
Renegade Rebellion

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The Crawl

hrough harrowing feats of combat strength and political manipulation, our heroes have achieved what none could have thought possible only a year ago, the assassination of the EMPEROR of the GALACTIC EMPIRE, the securing of the galactic capital IMPERIAL CENTER, and the appointment of a new Chancellor who’s help they now seek to bring about the end once and for all of the so called New Order.

Even with these titanic achievements behind them however their task is still yet to be complete, as our heroes, newly reunited on IMPERIAL CENTER venture out to secure the headquarters of the feared New Order stronghold of IMPERIAL INTELLIGENCE, keenly aware all the while that the whereabouts of the dreaded DARTH VADER still remains unknown throughout the madness the days past.

Yet our heroes press ever onwards and forward as their ultimate victory against the Empire at is nearly at hand, even as a Galaxy of enemies unknowingly draw their plans against them…

Episode XXXV
Renegade Imperium

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The Crawl

s the chrono ticks down to the date of the plot slay the evil EMPEROR PALPATINE, our heroes race to finish drawing their plans against the GALACTIC EMPIRE in the hope that they’re small band of renegades can do what seems impossible.

Yet brave as our heroes may be they know that danger now lurks behind every corner they pass as they set themselves to take on a force that spans the entire galaxy and holds a universe of dark secrets that they could not begin to imagine, enemy agents, spies, monstrous creations, none worse than the Emperor’s deadliest henchman, the sinister DARTH VADER.

Still the allies of Ando bravely venture on, knowing that they may face their ultimate destiny in only a few days time as they struggle to end the purge of the Jedi, defeat the Sith, and restore peace and freedom to the galaxy.

Episode XXXIV
Shadows Rising

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The Crawl

ith our heroes crossing the depths of space to unite their allies together in their cause of freedom, a grand coalition has now been formed as our heroes begin to draw their plans against the Galactic Empire and it’s ruler, the evil EMPEROR PALPATINE.

Though solid as their plan may be thus far, with few days left to ready their plot all know very well that they are facing an enemy greater than any they have ever faced before, a threat that should they fail would easily endanger not only them but all those they care for as well.

Yet in the face of great uncertainty our heroes venture forward, with the help of the mysterious Jeyen and his master who helped orchestrate the events of the past ten months in the hope that it is not too late to stop the rise of the EMPIRE, and to restore the Jedi Order to it’s place in the galaxy…

Episode XXXIII
Fire and Light

The Crawl

ith Outlander defeated once and for all, our heroes embarked on a mission to retrieve an Imperial fugitive and his stolen bounty which he offered to them in exchange for safe haven on their adopted homeworld of DANTOOINE.

In the process however our heroes have once again met the mysterious fiend JEYEN, orchestrator of the assassination they were first blamed for almost a year earlier. Even stranger still, Jeyen has brought our heroes before his own master, THE MATRON, a woman who claims to have been manipulating events for nearly a year now, further testing, bettering, and making the player party stronger for her ultimate task, to overthrow the EMPEROR of the Galactic Empire, whom she claims to be none other than a masquerading Sith Lord.

Confronted with these shocking claims, a great many questions now lay before Aidan, Akira, Nyla and Thrax as they are faced with a danger unlike any they have ever faced, and the chance to work with their possible new allies to change the face of the Galaxy forever…

Episode XXXII
The Specter of Black

The Crawl

lazing their way through the hyperspace lanes and emerging in the heart of the galaxy, our heroes have won their greatest victory to date, defeating once and for all the sinister forces of OUTLANDER, and rescuing their captured friends in the process, bringing peace at last to their adopted homeworld of DANTOOINE.

Little do the heroes know however that as they celebrate their epic achievement, an unseen hand is still conspires to direct them in their travels and adventures, and unseen hand that now prepares to reveal itself and make itself known to all who’s fates it has touched.

With this unseen hand who our heroes have not met since the planet Ando nine months ago lurking closer than ever before, our friends may just soon find their celebrations endangered by a stark choice that could effect not only their own future, but the future of the entire galaxy…

Episode XXXI
Fire and Stone

The Crawl

s the long and difficult cleanup of Ecumenopolis begins, our heroes are now faced with their greatest challenge yet in the wake of the disappearance of their brave and valiant leader, AIDAN DYRE in the midst of the recent OUTLANDER assault.

With limited resources and few allies to call their own, our heroes have never the less rallied an armada of starships, fighters and brave soliders willing to put their lives at risk to stand against the forces of terror that threaten to tear the Galaxy apart.

Now with the epic battle against the mercenary armies of Outlander in the NAL CLOONUS Asteroid field in the DEEP CORE of the galaxy fast approaching, the stage is set for a confrontation where the choices of a small few may change the course of galactic history…

Episode XXX
Renegades Rising

The Crawl

ith their triumphant victory over the sinister forces of OUTLANDER complete, our heroes and defenders of the planet Dantooine now begin calculating their next move. With their friend and teacher the Old Wise One among the dead, and the Mandalorian general Aidan Dyre missing in battle, the future has never been more uncertain.

With Outlanders plot of weaponizing massive asteroids to be used as planet destroying devices revealed, our friends are now tasked with assembling not just a resistance force to defend their adopted homeworld, but an army that can strike through the black of space at tyranny’s heart wherever it lay.

Even now as our heroes pool their resources together, the dark forces conspire to wage an unrelenting war of horrors on not only the sinister Galactic Empire, but an entire unsuspecting galaxy and all it’s peoples whether our heroes can be ready to stop them or not…

Episode XXIX
The Stand at Dawn

The Crawl

s our brave heroes set out towards the native Kiwa village, having successfully recaptured their home settlement of Ecumenopolis and the nearby Wookie village from the dreaded forces of OUTLANDER, the greatest challenge to our heroes might still just lie ahead.

It is still unknown why the enemies of our heroes have united together under the banner of OUTLANDER, the sinister and mysterious organization who’s terrible goals are still unknown, or why they seek to capture so many prisoners, to say nothing of their insistence that they will soon change the face of the Galaxy forever.

Knowing that time may not be on their side, our heroes now join forces with two unexpected allies in an effort to liberate their beloved adopted homeworld once and for all…

Episode XXVIII
The Burning Dawn

The Crawl

ith the ravaged and burning Dantooine settlement of Ecumenopolis liberated from the mercenary armies of OUTLANDER, our heroes have won their first major victory against the great unseen enemy that threatens to change the face of the Galaxy forever.

With little time for celebration however our heroes must now turn their attention to the Wookie and Kiwa villages nearby are still under the terrible siege of the invaders from parts unknown. Worse still is the dark and elusive secret of why so many of our heroes enemies have decided now to join forces and fight for an unknown cause.

With a burning dawn of even more warfare lying ahead our heroes ready themelves as best they can for whatever fate has in store, as theirs paths carry them closer to a new hero and ally who may just help the tide of war in their favour…


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