Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

Rebel's Forge

The Crawl

Rebellion has come to the streets of the Galactic Capital of Imperial Center, formally Coruscant as our heroes attempted Coup faces it’s greatest challenge yet, the arrival and landing of a task force lead by the sinister Darth Vader.

While Akira Ben Toshi has taken control of the planet’s forces surrounding the Vader’s army and Nyla Hawklight and Thrax lead the blockade preventing more Imperial reinforcements, the party and their burgeoning rebellion has been dealt their greatest setback to date with the capturing of their leader General Aidan Dyre.

With the coup’s backers wavering in the Senate and their own followers in arms ever more hesitant in the face of the oncoming Imperial onslaught, our heroes must now hold the very center of their fledgling band of rebels together if they hope to finally restore freedom to the Galaxy.

Negas and Aidan

Content Not Found: null ruthlessly beat and punished a bound and restrained Aidan in the interrogation cell of the Imperial Starport that Vader’s forces now controlled on the surface of Imperial Center, all the while taunting and teasing Aidan about how he had struck a deal with Vader to help deliver Aidan and his allies.

Although Aidan was weakened by Negas’s relentless beating he was not broken, and in the middle of a cruel taunt about how Aidan would soon join his late friend and colleague Kalko in the ranks of the deceased and just as a dreaded Imperial torture probe droid hovered near with it’s toxin filled needles nearing ever closer to Aidan’s neck, Aidan used the little strength he had left to break his leg bindings and deal a devastating kick to Negas’s face. Aidan then used a great feat of acrobatics to escape his wrist bindings, dislocating his shoulder in the process. He then snapped the interogation droid’s needle off of it’s arm and stabbed Negas in the neck, then roundhouse kicking the droid which exploded into shards on impact with Aidan’s foot. Weakened by the toxic dosage in the interrogation droid’s needle, Negas still attempted to grapple with Aidan, but Aidan was no longer prone and fought back hard, delivering punch and kick after devastating punch and kick until Negas fell to the ground motionless and lifeless under the weight of Aidan’s bloodied fist.

A weakened but now free Aidan took Negas’s data pad, credits and weapon and left the cell, retrieving his armour from the detention area’s storage and sneaking into the starport’s customs warehouse through the ventilation ducts. Once in the warehouse, Aidan stole the largest repulsor-truck he could find, and broke through the warehouse’s sealed doors and rammed head on into the Imperial defensive positions that surrounded the starport’s perimeter, ramming his way through obstacles, obstructions and a firestorm of enemy fire until he reached the friendly lines of the rebellion loyal troops, where Aidan asked to be taken to see Akira.

The Hour Approaches

With Nyla and Thrax coordinating the defence and continued blockade in orbit, Akira and Aidan went to an emergency meeting with Chancellor Vipoth, her advisors along with their unofficial liaison’s in Coruscant’s police force Owen Tobt as well as the head of Senator Iblis’s personal spynet Mar Himar.

Tobt informed the group that the planet’s security forces outside of the resident Stormtrooper legion, the Coruscant Guard were still loyal to Vipoth and didn’t believe that the Emperor was still alive. Himar told the group that there were estimated to be 200,000 troops now within the Imperial Starport complex while 300,000 Coruscant Guard troops and only 50,000 of their troops made up of non-stormtrooper volunteers, veterans and security forces have the starport surrounded and also in reserve based in Monument Plaza. Vipoth agreed that those 50,000 troops could prove critical as the commitment and loyalty of the Coruscant Guard Stormtrooper Legion could not be guarenteed if their commanders decided to suddenly switch loyalties to Vader.

During the meeting a new transmission was sent planet wide from the Imperial held starport that broke through Content Not Found: null and his allies encryption efforts. In it, the Emperor, or an imposter pretending to be him as the party still maintained addressed the planet, asking them to lay down their arms and to stop following the usurper Vipoth and that this “dreadful rebellion would soon be at an end”. Darth Vader then appeared at the end of the transmission, telling all forces to join the Empire or “perish with the rebel scum”.

It was as the Emperor’s speech ended that hundreds of Imperial Naval Squadrons of warships, Star Destroyers, Dreadnaughts and Troop Transports emerged from hyperspace from every direction, numbering more than ten thousand in force. Nyla and Thrax could see right away that their defence against this onslaught was hopeless.

Hearing the hopeless odds in orbit, Vipoth ordered the defence fleet to land on the surface immediatly, to evacuate all loyal personel, troops and civilian alike to the lower levels of the planet’s multi-levelled surface. As Vipoth organized the evacuation of her advisor’s and staff, she asked the party outright if they had anything to do with the Emperor’s alleged death on Naboo.

It was only now that Akira and AIdan confessed that they had killed the Emperor, but explained that he was a tyrant who had manipulated the Galaxy for decades and who had even darker plans for the Galaxy and the horrors of the Clone Wars which he had unleashed himself.

Though enraged that they too had been manipulating to many people, including herself, Vipoth confessed that she and so many others resented the Emperor’s regime of brutality and totalitarian control. Vipoth told Aidan and Akira that f they could lead an assault to capture Vader and retake the starport, and most importantly capture Vader himself then she believed the entire Galaxy would truly rally to their side in the face of the Empire’s most cruel warlord.

Aidan and Akira accepted, and they were joined by Nyla and Thrax whom had just landed in the face of the nearing Imperial assault from orbit. Aidan then explained his plan to the group, they would lead the assault on the starport, and would then separate from the general assault to pursue Vader himself from the location the planet-wide transmission was made from within the starport where he believed Vader to be located. They would then capture Vader with their combined might so that Vipoth could use him as a pawn to negotiate the surrender of the Imperial forces throughout the Galaxy.

With Admiral Xybol’s help, the group coodinated a massive assault on the Imperial held-starport while their allies, including Nyla and Akira’s padawan’s Eldewn and Elsae respectively would help coordinate the evacuation of civilians to the lower levels of the city-wide planet where they would hopefully be safe from the coming battle.

As the Imperial naval armada in orbit began launching it’s troop ships, it’s starfighters and opening fire on the planet surface itself, General Aidan Dyre launched the assault on the Starport to capture Vader once and for all and drive a stake through the Empire’s heart.

The Final Battle Begins

As the party lead the rebels it became clear quite fast that the Imperial defenders of the starport were ready for the onslaught, and believed that they only needed to hold out long enough until their reinforcements from the armada in orbit reached them.

Even still the overwhelming force of the rebels and the Coruscant Guard pushed the Imperial defenders back until after less than half an hour of fighting the forces loyal to Chancellor Vipoth controlled half of the massive complex. It was at this time, as the battle for the starport raged under the light filled sky of the planet’s defensive weapons firing upon the armada in orbit that the party of Aidan, Akira, Thrax and Nyla broke away and made their way towards the transmission tower’s base where they sensed Vader awaited them.

As they drew nearer they were curious to find there to be fewer and fewer Imperial troops loyal to Vader, until they reached the transmission site itself, a massive, cavernous and seemingly empty enclosed broadcast studio where only two figures stood waiting for them. Once was Vader, imposing in his black as the depth of space armour and enveloped in the dark aura of the Dark Side of the Force.

Beside Vader sat in a chair a strange figure, an old man in dark maroon robes. The party looked at one another, stunned and confused. Though none spoke they all knew what each other were thinking. It couldn’t be the Emperor, they HAD killed the Emperor on Naboo, he was certainly DEAD. Wasn’t he?

As if he had read the parties minds at that very instant he said to them “Young ones, you have come so very far, and fought so very hard. You have overcome so much to stand where you stand today, for that you deserve much praise. You are forgiven for thinking that you are worthy of standing in my presence. Yet your ignorance is your undoing, you have trifled with powers beyond your comprehension, you have toyed with Forces that you will never hope to counter, and you have begun a battle which you are fated to loose. For this. You. Will. Die.”

The old man stood up, and with his arms raised unleashed a blinding blue storm of Force Lightning, an infamous power of terrible Dark Side users of legend. In an instant the party knew that somehow, the Emperor had survived and that somehow he stood here now before them.

The Emperor and Vader

With their strength the Force-users repulsed the Emperor’s lightning attack, and with their own lightsaber’s drawn and Aidan’s blasters at the ready thus began a climactic fight. The party of heroes fought with every ounce of strength, every last measure of energy, every tool, every weapon and every skill that they had learned in a year of adventuring together across the Galaxy.

The Emperor and Vader were every bit as ruthless as any foe that they had faced combined, with the Emperor manipulating the Dark Side to make the party believe that horrible creatures were falling from the ceilings and climbing through the floor to attack the party, and Vader using his brute strength to deal crushing damage to one even as strong as Aidan.

Bursts of Force energy tore the studio chamber apart, ripping the floor to shreds and tearing the roof off above, illuminating their fight in the orange yellow and red glow of the setting sun and the fiery battle in the sky above and all around them.

First to call for help was Admiral Xybol, who informed Aidan through his open comlink that reinforcements from orbit had landed in the Imperial-held starport and joined with Vader’s forces defending against his assault and that he was now having to retreat. He also said that he expected the Coruscant Guard Stormtrooper Legion to switch sides at any moment, leaving him only in charge of the 50,000 so called rebels now retreating to and based in Monument Plaza. Aidan gave the order to evacuate those troops to the lower levels of the planet’s surface and to wait for them their when they would arrive with their captive Vader.

The fight continued, with all the heroes exhausting their strength and energy while slowly but surely dealing great damage to Vader and the Emperor as well. Soon after Owen Tobt messaged Akira, telling him that Imperial forces were no pursuing the rebels to the lower levels, having secured nearly all of the capital’s higher levels and that they were taking heavy losses. Soon Content Not Found: null too messaged Aidan warning him that Imperial forces seemed committed to killing every last one of them, but reassured her commander Aidan that her and her fellow Mandalorians were prepared to die in this glorious battle.

As the party continued to fight they realized more and more with pleads for help from the linkes of Tobt, Parias, Lady Neera Garren and Content Not Found: null that their allies were in danger of being routed as they attempted to escape the Imperial onslaught. Still the heroes fought on with ever more determination to kill the Emperor, though were still certain that they had killed him already and to capture Vader.

As against all odds Vader and the Emperor grew weaker and weaker, one final message was relayed to Nyla, from her padawan Eldewn that they and the escaping allies were nearly fully encircled, and were surely soon to perish. Eldewn told Nyla she would protect Content Not Found: null to the very end, but warned that it wouldn’t be long now. Though Akira, Thrax and Aidan told Nyla that they were close to victory, Nyla knew that she couldn’t leave their allies alone to die.

With what little energy she had left, she Force-lept out of the gaping whole in the studio’s roof and ran with a burst of speed through the Imperial lines. When stopped by an obstacle or a line of opposing troops Nyla would use the Force to lift them into the air to hurl them against further oncoming forces, into incoming starfighters or into the sides of the city-planet’s sky scrapers. With her lightsaber drawn Nyla blazed through thickening Imperial lines as she proceeded further and further to the lower levels of the city, panicking the Imperial troops as she tore through their lines with the fire of hell behind her.

Within twenty minutes of leaving the fight with Vader and Palpatine Nyla had reached the front lines of the Empire’s forces and the retreating rebels, defeating more than a dozen elite Stormtroopers in close battle with the rebels and stopping the Imperial’s efforts to encircle the rebels. With the brief window of time Nyla bought the rebels were able to slip further down and faster than the Empire could pursue them.

Nyla joined the leadership of the rebel forces, including her padawan Eldewn and young Umdat. When Admiral Xybol and Chancellor Vipoth asked how the others had fared against Vader, Nyla told them that somehow the Emperor was with Vader and that he was still alive.

The leadership of the rebels knew then that with the Emperor alive and at the head of government once more it didn’t matter whether they captured Vader or not. Their coup was finished, and were now uncertain if they could even survive with the planet’s surface once again controlled by the evil Galactic Empire.

From the Jaws of Defeat

With Nyla having left only Akira, Thrax and Aidan were left to fight Vader and his master the Emperor. As Vader felt himself weakened against the rebel scum in his midst, he harnessed the Force to pull Aidan to him, grabbing at his neck, ripping Aidan’s Mandalorian helmet off with all his strength and squeezing his neck, intent on crushing the life out of him. Aidan resisted as best he could, but knowing he was no match for Vader’s strength he activated his rocket pack, sending he and Vader hundreds of feet into the sky and climbing as the city surface burned beneath them in the red sunset sky. As Vader taunted Aidan that their rebellion was in ashes and that he would now meet his end, Akira, nearing death, pulled a grenade from his belt, activated it, and thrust it against Vader’s helmet with his last once of strength.

The grenade exploded, stunning Vader, causing him to let go of Aidan and fall to the burning ground below. when Aidan came too, he was still in the air, but could not see Vader on the ground below him. Dazed and weakened he attempted to fly down to the studio and rejoin his friends and defeat the Emperor once and for all.

On the ground of what was left of the studio, amongst the twisted metal floors, bursting cables and collapsing ceiling, Akira and Thrax flanked the wounded Emperor, and though he channelled every last once of strength he had in the Force to push them away, both men raised their lightsabers, summoned every last glimmer of the light side of the Force within them and charged him at full speed, impaling him on their blades.

For a moment the Emperor said nothing, stunned that he had been struck and impaled. Then he took a deep breath, and let loose a terrible wale that echoed through the Force itself, Knocking Akira and Thrax backwards. Even Aidan himself, hundreds of meters in the air felt the explosion of energy that knocked him off course, and lay ruin to a great deal of the Imperial starport where the battle had started only thirty minutes before.

Aidan landed as close as he could to the now nearly fully bombed out ruin of the site where the battle took place. He saw Thrax lying unconcious, but oddly enough no sign of the Emperor, or Akira. Only the Emperor’s crimson robes remained, burned and torn from the battle.

Aidan tried to reach Thrax with a medpack but approaching Imperial Stormtroopers opened fire on him, dealing so much damage that he had to leave his unconscious ally behind.

Aidan took the air once more, flying over the charred and smoldering ruins of the city planet’s capital district as the sun finally set. The coup was over, they were defeated, for now. Aidan messaged Nyla on his comlink, and told his anxious ally that Vader was gone, the Emperor was missing, Thrax was unconscious and captured and Akira was nowhere to be found. He told Nyla he would use the city’s sanitation ducts to find his way to her and what was left of the rebel’s forces deep in the lower layers, and would then form their plan of what to do next.

Episode XXXVII
Rebels at the Gates

The Crawl

With the fleeting alliance of rag-tag rebels grip on Imperial Centre stronger with every passing hour, our heroes have won their greatest victory in the battle to decisively cripple the Galactic Empire yet with a brazen assault on Imperial Intelligence’s headquarters and the capture of it’s notorious director Armand Isard.

Yet despite their great victories the battle for the heart of the Old Republic rages on, with the dreaded Lord Vader fast approaching in his hastily assembled war fleet. Even more ominous for our heroes is the figure that Vader claims to carry with him, a man claiming to be the Emperor himself, having survived the assassination on Naboo where our heroes were all but certain they had seen him perish.

With Vader’s task force blazing through hyperspace towards the galactic capital our heroes now face their greatest challenge yet where either the fire of their rebellion will continue to spread or the shroud of the dark side will fall once more.

Allies at the Ready

With Director Isard secured by Dar’Manda Arpat and her loyal Mandalorians, Akira Ben-Toshi and Thrax went to speak to the head of the massive Clone Wars veterans group who were on Imperial Centre prior to the party’s coup to protest the lack of promised benefits and compensation. Aidan Dyre and Nyla Hawklight went to speak with the Corelian Senator Garm Bel Iblis about their chances in defending the planet against Vader’s task force.

With some discussion and promises of recognition of their valour and sacrifice, as well as Chancellor Vipoth’s promise to pay their previously promised benefits in full, Akira and Thrax obtain the pledges of support of the leadership of the Clone Ware veterans group and it’s one and a half million men and women to serve as a militia backstopping the planet’s regular ground based security forces.

While meeting with Senator Iblis in the Imperial Senate building, Aidan and Nyla learn that the man currently in charge of the Imperial Centre Defense Fleet and it’s planetary defences was man named General Skarneh who Aidan remembered as a ruthless and nearly fascist commander in the Clone Wars who had an unwavering loyalty to the then Chancellor Palpatine. Aidan told Nyla and the senator they could not count on the General to defend the planet against his former leader. The second in command for the time being however was a man named Admiral Xybol, an old naval officer with a reputation for fairness and for going by the book. The three agreed that installing Xybol as Commander of the Coruscant Defence Fleet was critical to winning the coming battle, and forged a plan to do just that.

Using Krith Nosix’s slicing skills, the party was able to locate the General in his command headquarters as well as construct false military identities for Aidan and Nyla, Major Tolon and Major Kalib respectively.

Using these identities Nyla and Aidan were able to infiltrate the planetary defence forces headquarters and with Nyla’s use of the Force to persuade others and Aidan’s intimidation factor, the pair were able to reach the General in person so that Nyla could silently and quickly put him in a Force induced fourty-eight hour coma. After making their escape from the command headquarters the pair learned that Admiral Xybol had in fact been named the new head of Imperial Center’s planetary defence forces.

The Shroud Approaches

The party was briefed by Senator Iblis on Admiral Xybol’s defensive plans for repel Vader’s task force, and take up positions in support of the Imperial Centre Defence Fleet with Aidan and Thrax commanding their own Star Destroyers in charge of entire lines of warships and Nyla and Akira taking to their starfighters in charge of their own squadrons.

Soon after, Vader’s task force arrived nearly perfectly evenly matched to the task force that the party lead, one-hundred some odd ships to one-hundred.

The battle raged immediately, with Vader’s star destroyer sending out transmissions featuring the “imposter” Emperor to the planet below asking that they surrender and turn on the rebel traitors.

The fleet fought on however with fierce determination and resolve. Aidan and Thrax’s ships traced the transmissions back to Vader’s command ship, and Nyla and Akira lead their squadron’s in a devastating assault on the ship which was destroyed, but not before a shuttle was launched with Vader’s personal starfighter following it close behind.

Akira engaged Vader’s fighter directly but was shot down in his starfighter, with his Padawan Elsae Sarvool and him both ejecting at high altitude at the last moment before they were destroyed along with their starfighter.

Aidan commanded his star destroyer to retrieve Akira and Elsae and to follow the shuttle to land fall, destroying it if they could. While the star destroyer fought as best it could, it was crippled by a swarm of Vader’s V-Wing fighters, forcing it’s crew to abandon ship.

While Akira directed Eldewn to her own safe escape pod, he and Aidan took their own and flew it in pursuit of Vader’s fighter and the shuttle which landed in the heart of a military base and starport that Akira and Aidan had thought was firmly under their control. Instead the base was hesitant to open fire on Lord Vader, and allowed him and the shuttle to land.

As Vader emerges from his starfighter Aidan rockets out of the still in flight escape pod, blasters opening fire on Vader far down on the ground below and is joined by Akira who leaps bravely and aided by the Force to directly confront of Vader.

With an entire military base full of personnel frozen in fear and unsure of which side to fight for, Aidan with his blasters and Akira with his lightsaber battled the Dark Lord of the Sith. The fight was ferocious and grueling, and although Vader took considerable damage, Akira and Aidan were more critically wounded. Upon hearing over their comlinks that the base commander had given the order to arrest them. Aidan and Akira knew they had to flee immediately.

Akira used the Force to leap thirty-meters straight up into the air and landed far away from the Imperial forces now attempting to capture him. He soon rejoined Elsae and the rest of the ground forces loyal to Chancellor Vipoth who were now forming a perimeter around the military base. Aidan used his rocket pack to attempt an aerial escape, but was soon swarmed by Stormtroopers in jet packs. Despite engaging his afterburners, Aidan was knocked unconscious in the ensuing fight.

Uncertain of their friend’s fate, Akira took command of the ground forces surrounding the military base now loyal to Vader. While in orbit Nyla & Thrax continued to engage with what remained of Vader’s task force, gaining the critical upper hand. On the planet below, their loyal forces began massing in Monument Plaza, preparing for an all out ground war for control of the planet’s surface.

In His Talons

Dazed, and striped of his armour and weapons, Aidan slowly came too. He found himself in a dank and poorly lit room guarded by four Imperial regular soldiers. A familiar, refined voice hidden in the shadows spoke to Aidan. Recognizing his tormentor as the former bounty hunter Negas, Aidan watched as the Nautolan emerged to taunt him with a mere smile and a puff of smoke blown directly in Aidan’s face. Confidently, Negas explained that at the behest of Lord Vader, he would be interrogating Aidan.

Episode XXXVI
Renegade Rebellion

The Crawl

Through harrowing feats of combat strength and political manipulation, our heroes have achieved what none could have thought possible only a year ago, the assassination of the EMPEROR of the GALACTIC EMPIRE, the securing of the galactic capital IMPERIAL CENTER, and the appointment of a new Chancellor who’s help they now seek to bring about the end once and for all of the so called New Order.

Even with these titanic achievements behind them however their task is still yet to be complete, as our heroes, newly reunited on IMPERIAL CENTER venture out to secure the headquarters of the feared New Order stronghold of IMPERIAL INTELLIGENCE, keenly aware all the while that the whereabouts of the dreaded DARTH VADER still remains unknown throughout the madness the days past.

Yet our heroes press ever onwards and forward as their ultimate victory against the Empire at is nearly at hand, even as a Galaxy of enemies unknowingly draw their plans against them…

Episode XXXV
Renegade Imperium

 photo SW_DoD_EpXXXV_1-13_zps4a6a6086.png

The Crawl

s the chrono ticks down to the date of the plot slay the evil EMPEROR PALPATINE, our heroes race to finish drawing their plans against the GALACTIC EMPIRE in the hope that they’re small band of renegades can do what seems impossible.

Yet brave as our heroes may be they know that danger now lurks behind every corner they pass as they set themselves to take on a force that spans the entire galaxy and holds a universe of dark secrets that they could not begin to imagine, enemy agents, spies, monstrous creations, none worse than the Emperor’s deadliest henchman, the sinister DARTH VADER.

Still the allies of Ando bravely venture on, knowing that they may face their ultimate destiny in only a few days time as they struggle to end the purge of the Jedi, defeat the Sith, and restore peace and freedom to the galaxy.

Episode XXXIV
Shadows Rising

 photo SW_DoD_EpXXXIV_1-13png_zps1d9a9985.png

The Crawl

ith our heroes crossing the depths of space to unite their allies together in their cause of freedom, a grand coalition has now been formed as our heroes begin to draw their plans against the Galactic Empire and it’s ruler, the evil EMPEROR PALPATINE.

Though solid as their plan may be thus far, with few days left to ready their plot all know very well that they are facing an enemy greater than any they have ever faced before, a threat that should they fail would easily endanger not only them but all those they care for as well.

Yet in the face of great uncertainty our heroes venture forward, with the help of the mysterious Jeyen and his master who helped orchestrate the events of the past ten months in the hope that it is not too late to stop the rise of the EMPIRE, and to restore the Jedi Order to it’s place in the galaxy…

Episode XXXIII
Fire and Light

The Crawl

ith Outlander defeated once and for all, our heroes embarked on a mission to retrieve an Imperial fugitive and his stolen bounty which he offered to them in exchange for safe haven on their adopted homeworld of DANTOOINE.

In the process however our heroes have once again met the mysterious fiend JEYEN, orchestrator of the assassination they were first blamed for almost a year earlier. Even stranger still, Jeyen has brought our heroes before his own master, THE MATRON, a woman who claims to have been manipulating events for nearly a year now, further testing, bettering, and making the player party stronger for her ultimate task, to overthrow the EMPEROR of the Galactic Empire, whom she claims to be none other than a masquerading Sith Lord.

Confronted with these shocking claims, a great many questions now lay before Aidan, Akira, Nyla and Thrax as they are faced with a danger unlike any they have ever faced, and the chance to work with their possible new allies to change the face of the Galaxy forever…

Episode XXXII
The Specter of Black

The Crawl

lazing their way through the hyperspace lanes and emerging in the heart of the galaxy, our heroes have won their greatest victory to date, defeating once and for all the sinister forces of OUTLANDER, and rescuing their captured friends in the process, bringing peace at last to their adopted homeworld of DANTOOINE.

Little do the heroes know however that as they celebrate their epic achievement, an unseen hand is still conspires to direct them in their travels and adventures, and unseen hand that now prepares to reveal itself and make itself known to all who’s fates it has touched.

With this unseen hand who our heroes have not met since the planet Ando nine months ago lurking closer than ever before, our friends may just soon find their celebrations endangered by a stark choice that could effect not only their own future, but the future of the entire galaxy…

Episode XXXI
Fire and Stone

The Crawl

s the long and difficult cleanup of Ecumenopolis begins, our heroes are now faced with their greatest challenge yet in the wake of the disappearance of their brave and valiant leader, AIDAN DYRE in the midst of the recent OUTLANDER assault.

With limited resources and few allies to call their own, our heroes have never the less rallied an armada of starships, fighters and brave soliders willing to put their lives at risk to stand against the forces of terror that threaten to tear the Galaxy apart.

Now with the epic battle against the mercenary armies of Outlander in the NAL CLOONUS Asteroid field in the DEEP CORE of the galaxy fast approaching, the stage is set for a confrontation where the choices of a small few may change the course of galactic history…

Episode XXX
Renegades Rising

The Crawl

ith their triumphant victory over the sinister forces of OUTLANDER complete, our heroes and defenders of the planet Dantooine now begin calculating their next move. With their friend and teacher the Old Wise One among the dead, and the Mandalorian general Aidan Dyre missing in battle, the future has never been more uncertain.

With Outlanders plot of weaponizing massive asteroids to be used as planet destroying devices revealed, our friends are now tasked with assembling not just a resistance force to defend their adopted homeworld, but an army that can strike through the black of space at tyranny’s heart wherever it lay.

Even now as our heroes pool their resources together, the dark forces conspire to wage an unrelenting war of horrors on not only the sinister Galactic Empire, but an entire unsuspecting galaxy and all it’s peoples whether our heroes can be ready to stop them or not…

Episode XXIX
The Stand at Dawn

The Crawl

s our brave heroes set out towards the native Kiwa village, having successfully recaptured their home settlement of Ecumenopolis and the nearby Wookie village from the dreaded forces of OUTLANDER, the greatest challenge to our heroes might still just lie ahead.

It is still unknown why the enemies of our heroes have united together under the banner of OUTLANDER, the sinister and mysterious organization who’s terrible goals are still unknown, or why they seek to capture so many prisoners, to say nothing of their insistence that they will soon change the face of the Galaxy forever.

Knowing that time may not be on their side, our heroes now join forces with two unexpected allies in an effort to liberate their beloved adopted homeworld once and for all…


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