Theux Paddox

Human male noble


Theux Paddox is a male noble prominent member of his family and House Pelagia. Theux fought valliantly during the year long war waged against Hosue Pelagia by the upstart House Mecetti and House Melantha (both backed by the Galactic Empire ) and won many battles for his family despite the eventual loss of the conflict.

Theux is a strikingly handsom young man, is highly educated and still conducts himself with the utmost dignity and class expected of a Tapani noble, even when socializing at major gatherings with members of the families who waged war on his house. Secretly he has brokered several alliances with resitance and subversive groups withing the Tapani Sector opposed to the power of not only House Mecetti and House Melantha but the Empire itself, all the while maintaining the outward appearance of a gentleman putting on a brave face in the wake of his families devastating fall from grace.

Encounters with the Player Party

The player party first met Theux when he arrived on the planet Xirul with Negas, Uhnri and Tabot after coordinating with the others to save the player party’s friends and family Elsae and Eldewn Sarvool as well as Umdat, Dyneh Lonin, Miss M’Row and the Wookies Baccitcuk and Quaggo from certain capture by the dreaded Corpse Droid on Estalle Island on the sector capital of Procopia.

Theux had become aware of the Corpse Droid’s presence on Procopia from his personal master spy Tabot and the Freeworld based spynet that emplyed Uhnri and was highly concerned what the operative was doing. When he learned that the player party too was in search of the droid, he, along with Uhnri tried to find them only to find that the player party had been captured by the Corpse Droid’s allies in House Mecetti. This lead to the coordinated effort to save their friends and family before they too were captured.

Theux Paddox

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