The Gogarian

Neimodian Male Noble


The Gogarian is a male political and military leader of the sinister organization known as Outlander, and one of the organizers of it’s galactic scale terror campaign against the galaxy.

Encounters with the Player party

The player party first met the Gogarian when he lead the raid on their adopted homeworld of Dantooine that would capture Aidan Dyre, The Tarisian and Zeetra.

The Gogarian would later offer Aidan command of Outlander’s ground forces in exchange for his loyalty, an offer Aidan accepted while secretly plotting to betray the Gogarian. The Gogarian is an associate of the Force Witch Bytyrni, fellow Outlander leader Frohm Gin’Dahl and was a former business partner and ally of the Tarisian prior to the end of the Clone Wars.

The Gogarian

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