Nyla Hawklight

Female Human Jedi Padawan


Before Ando: Female Human, blond haired, green eyed, masterless Jedi Padawan.
After Ando: Female Human, purple haired, green eye, masterless Jedi Padawan.

Vital Statistics:

Player: Serina
Class: Padawan 7 (pg.39 CRB), Jedi Knight 1 (pg.217 CRB)
Species: Human
Character Level: 8
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Destiny: Discovery (pg.25 LECG)

Ref: 23. (20 Flat Footed) Fort: 22. Will: 26.
HP: 77. Threshold: 22 Init: 7 Perception: 12 Speed: 6 BAB: 8 Grapple: 11 Force Points: 10 Destiny Points: 7

Str: 14 Dex: 16 Con: 14 Int: 12 Wis: 18 Cha: 15


Force Treatment (pg.41 CWCG), Battle Meditation (pg.40 CRB), Unleashed Battle Meditation (pg.89 FUCG), Force Harmony (pg.16 JediAC), Visions (pg.101 CRB), Severing Strike (pg.218 CRB), Lightsaber Throw (pg.41 CRB), Telekenetic Power (pg.100 CRB)

Special Combat Actions:
Unleashed Battle Meditation (pg.89 FUCG), Unleashed Move Object (pg.91 FUCG), Unleashed Repulse (pg.81 FUCG), Lightsaber Throw (pg.41 CRB)

Special Notes
+2 Force Bonus on lightsaber attack rolls against enemies that flank.

Force Sensitivity (pg.85 CRB), Weapon Prof. – Lightsaber (pg.89 CRB), Weapon Prof. – Simple Weapons (pg.89 CRB), Force Training (pg.85 CRB), Force Training II, Light Armour Prof. (pg.82 CRB), Force Unleashed (pg.34 FUCG), Rapid Reaction _(CRB), Medical Team _(pg.29 GaW), Whirlwind Attack

Initiative: 7, Knowledge (Galactic Lore): 10, Perception: 12, Use the Force: 12 (+2 to Telepathy), Treat Injury: 16

Force Powers:
Move Object (pg.98 CRB), Force Whirlwind (pg.51 KOTORCG), Negate Energy (pg.99 CRB), Mind Trick (pg.98 CRB), Unleashed Move Object (pg.91 FUCG), Farseeing (ONE TIME USE) (pg.96 CRB)
, Surge, Vital Transfer, Repulse, Unleashed Repulse, Technometry


Dual Phase Lightsaber
Crystal Colour: Purple (2 use the Force to treat injury), Blue (1 use the Force) Attack: 10 Damage: 2d86 Type: Melee Size: Medium Damage Type: Energy & Slashing, Aquatic

Combat Gloves:
+1 Damage for unarmed combat

Blaster Pistol
Attack: +11 Damage: 3d8/2d8 (Stun) Type: Ranged Size: Small Damage Type: Energy, Aquatic, +4 to Damage

Vibro Blade
Attack: 5, Damage: 2d66 Type: Melee Size: Small Damage Type: Piercing

Blaster Pistol
Attack: +11 Damage: 3d8/2d8 (Stun) Type: Ranged Size: Small Damage Type: Energy, Aquatic, +4 to Damage

Medical Kit (20kg.), Medpac x 7 (7kg.), Aquata Breather (0.2kg.), Civilian Clothes (Naboo), Breath Mask (2kg.), Utility Belt (4kg.) (pg.140 CRB), Holster, Combat Jumpsuit (+4 to Armour),
Nyla’s Training Remote Droid (Stats Unavailable), 13 Companion Grek Crystals, Neuronic whip (FUCG), Darius’s Datapad

Credits: 11,328,835


“These times, no matter how dark they are, will never extinguish the light side of the Force.”

- Nyla Hawklight on the subject of the Force in the Dark Times.

Early Life

When Nyla was a baby, her presence in the Force was sensed by a Jedi Master named Jorin Kar (a male Kel Dor). She was with her parents of course and Jorin spoke with them about wanting to take Nyla to begin her path towards becoming a Jedi. Nyla’s parents were sad but wanted Nyla to have a chance at a great life to be able the help others in need. They strongly believed in the Republic and in the guardians of the republic aka the Jedi.

Nyla began her training with Master Kar before the Clone Wars began. Jorin was impressed with Nyla and made a request to the Jedi Council to begin her training as a Padawan, a request that was granted.

As training began it became obvious that Nyla felt drawn towards the path of a Jedi Healer and Master Kar was pleased at this because as it turns out he too felt drawn towards the path of a healer and had a strong background in that. But while Master Kar loved and respected Nyla’s choice to take the path of a healer he also emphasized the importance of having an even balance in the skill focuses that are chosen. It was when the Clone Wars began that the training really took on a fast pace because Nyla and Master Kar now found themselves fighting on the front line.

The Clone Wars

Nyla and Master Kar went on many aid and relief missions during the Clone Wars, but there was one assignment that placed Nyla in the front line along side her Jedi Master. It was an assignment regarding a pirate named Tyrill Vral (a male Feeorin). Tyrill is known among other fellow smugglers to be as cold as ice.

He routinely would set up traps for ships to disable them and he and his crew would then steal and take whatever they wanted and kill everyone on the the ship with no mercy or hesitation. And if Tyrill came across something valuable he loved selling it in the black market for a big profit. There were times however, when he pursued valuable items. And it was on one of those pursuits that Nyla came to be assigned to find and bring in Tyrill and his crew with Master Kar’s help.

Nyla and Master Kar tracked Tyrill and found him on Manaan. He was trying to get his hands on Kolto. Nyla was able to stop him from getting to the Kolto but he managed to get away in the last second. There were some injured parties that needed healing as well so Nyla focused her efforts to helping them.

Roughly 3 months later Nyla heard reports of many ships being trapped and raided by Tyrill and his crew. Nyla as part of her training was given the rank of commander to pursue Tyrill. It was her first time commanding squads but Nyla wanting to stop Tyrill from further hurting anymore people was willing and ready. During the mission 2 pilots from her squad were killed in action, but the enemy’s main ship was destroyed. Yet out of the corner of her eye Nyla spotted an escape shuttle making it’s escape and had a very strong feeling that it was Tyrill in that shuttle. Nyla tried to catch up to the shuttle and as she did so she got a message from the shuttle which confirmed that it was Tyrill “See you again soon, Jedi”. Nyla recognized Tyrill’s voice right away, and it was at that point when Nyla saw the shuttle disappear into hyperspace.

Order 66 & Life as a Fugitive

When Order 66 was initially given to the clone troopers Nyla was with her Jedi Master Jorin Kar (a male Kel Dor) on Christophsis on a mission. Nyla realized something was very wrong when she saw a large group of clone troopers suddenly shoot her master dead and as a result found herself making a run for it to hide and get away.

One clone trooper however spotted her though he was alone when he did. Nyla was of course thinking that she was about to die when she noticed that the clone trooper didn’t give her position away. Instead he did a quick scan of the immediate area and came over to where Nyla was. Nyla was confused at first but then recognized this specific clone. His name was Darius and he was one of the clones that seemed to like Nyla. As for why, she wasn’t exactly sure but she did notice the way he looked at her in past missions and how he was always being sweet to her.

Darius told Nyla to run to her ship now, and she did; but not before exchanging a thoughtful glance with Darius. And with luck on her side and a little bit of stealth she made it to her Delta 7 Starfighter and began her life as a fugitive.

During her escape she realized that the communication device on the ship was destroyed and she couldn’t contact anyone. But it was upon setting down on a nearby planet that she learned of the terrible fate of many Jedi. She knew that she couldn’t stay where she was though, she needed to find a place where she could remain hidden. She ended up going to Naboo (her home planet) to hide out at the lakeside cottage owned by her family.

Arrival on Ando

While in hiding on her homeworld of Naboo, Nyla was contacted by a mysterious hooded figure via the holonet during a regular desperate search for any of her old friends. The mysterious hooded figure claimed to be a Jedi himself, one who had spent many months organizing a growing number of their fellow fugitive Jedi into a coherent force.

The hooded Jedi told Nyla that for security and safety reasons these Jedi had not yet met together, but that would change in two weeks time when they all gathered on the planet Ando. The hooded Jedi asked Nyla to travel to Ando at once, and that once there she would be contacted by a man named Jeyen, who would lead her to him and her fellow Jedi.

The hooded Jedi then asked that the Force be with Nyla, and said goodbye. Nyla, though cautious could not ignore this opportunity to be a part of a gathering of Jedi. Thus that very day Nyla packed her few belongings and departed for Ando in the Mid Rim.

A Fugitive Once More

Following the party’s escape from Ando, Nyla purchased a new black jacket and pant set at a market in the mid levels of the underground city of Kala’uun on the planet Ryloth. Later at the party’s next stop on Nar Shadda, Nyla had her hair colour changed to purple, thus completing her new disguise.


Nyla Hawklight after adopting her new hairstyle and disguise on Nar Shadda.

Nyla Hawklight

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