Emperor Palpatine


Emperor Palpatine is the creator of the New Order and the founder of the Galactic Empire. He was formally the Chancellor of the Galactic Republic as well, the forerunner to the Empire.


Palpatine, a native to the Outer Rim world of Naboo was first elected to the Republic Senate as a Senator from the Chommell Sector. He was elected to the position of Chancellor following the Naboo Crisis of the year 3 BrS, and due to high satisfaction with his rule he was permitted to remain as Chancellor of the Republic well past his term limit would have expired.

After his many diplomatic initiatives failed to stem the worsening of the Separatists Crisis by the year 13 BrS, he reluctantly deployed the Grand Army of the Republic to end the militant separatist threat, leading to the Clone Wars.

As the wars reached their end, the “Jedi Order”: staged a failed rebellion against the Republic in an effort to seize power for themselves over the Republic. The Jedi Rebellion failed, and the members of the Order have since scattered to the far reaches of space as cowards, striking at the Empire as terrorists and saboteurs whenever they can.

Following the failed Jedi Rebellion and the conclusion of the Clone Wars, Palpatine proclaimed the rise of the New Order, the re-alignment of the Galactic Republic into the 1st Galactic Empire with himself as Emperor in the name of renewed strength and security for all it’s citizens.


Emperor Palpatine is seen as a devoted public servant and a true statesman. His relentless pursuit of peace and stability have made him loved by the people of the galaxy. He is known for his calm and comforting demeanor and his loyalty to his trusted friends.

Encounters with the Player Party

The player party has never met Palpatine, neither before or after the proclamation of the New Order. A ten story statue of his likeness however was under construction in the city square of Hontor City on the planet Aunap.


Emperor Palpatine

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