Human Male Solider


Stormtrooper CC-1083, aka Darius is a Seargent under the command of Captain Granger of the Imperial Dreadnaught Ellison’s Fury of Blackeye Squadron, currently deployed in the Unknown Regions.

His squad consists of Captain Flak, and troopers Kick, Mac and Titan.

Encounters with the Player Party

Darius first met then Jedi Padawan Nyla Hawklight during the Clone Wars, where they became close during many conflicts and came to respect each others skills and abilities. At the end of the war during the issuing of Order 66, Darius hesitated to brand Nyla a traitor, despite being ordered to do so. Having a momentary opportunity to do so, Darius allowed Nyla to escape in a starfighter from the planet Christophsis where her master had just been killed by the Clone Troopers under his command.

One year later Darius would learn Nyla was implicated in the assassination of Governor Craz Oduur, though he did not believe the charges he knew that Nyla would have to travel far away from galactic civilization to be free from Imperial pursuit. Darius took the opportunity to volunteer for a top secret mission into the Unknown Regions under the command of the mysterious Captain Thrawn, in the hopes that he may see Nyla again, who he now believed he might actually be in love with.

Darius’s hopes would come true when Nyla and the player party came to the rescue of Big Berta, the transport he and his squad of troopers were stranded on over the ruined planet of Bodir after their ship, the Ellison’s Fury disappeared investigating the mysterious Asteroid Ship.



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