Aidan Dyre


A Mandalorian soldier trying to keep his head down, following the Clone Wars. The likelihood of things staying that way are fleeting with the company he’s now keeping.

Aidan Dyre is a Human Male Mandalorian (Soldier 7/Elite Trooper 2/Officer 3/Noble 1). Besides being a skilled rifleman, Aidan is a talented martial artist, specializing in the art of Teras Kasi. His armour is modified to function in different environments and has several nasty surprises for anyone who gets in his way. A tactician at heart, Aidan can be an effective commander in battle, but even off the battlefield, Aidan can be an intimidating force.

“So you’re really willing to press your luck!” – Aidan, while holding a live grenade in an elevator, upon meeting some muggers.

“Mandalorians never bluff!!” – Adian on numerous occasions.

Aidan also keeps a series of War Journals. Some of the entries are below.
War Journal [Vashara Moon, Clone Wars, Order 66]

The Clone Wars

During the Clone Wars, Aidan served in the organization known as Bren’s Irregular’s, a militia lead by Jedi General Braylen Bren.

Fugitive at Large

Following his escape from Ando, Aidan made the decision not to wear his Mandalorian armour in public unless it was a life or death emergency. This allowed him some freedom of movement as the only image the Empire had of him was in his armour. Adian is not like many Mandalorians of the era, he follows the old ways and wants little or nothing to do with other Mandalorians who think differently. However, one of the old ways is to serve Mandalore. Which Aidan hopes to achieve by taking on the hunt for Dar-Manda Arpot. However, the numerous jobs and side adventures with the Crew of the Renegade (now registered under the name Princess of the Hydian, much to Aidan’s chargin), have so far kept him from completing his mission.


Aidan Dyre without his Mandalorian armour.

Aidan’s friendship with Akira continues to be strong despite the changes in their respective lives. Nyla and Kelko represent good additions to the crew to Aidan’s mind, even if Kelko’s “jobs” are a bit more shady than Aidan himself is comfortable. Now with a home base on Dantooine, working for the Tarisian, Aidan has the time he needs to make some tough decisions about his growing crew. Additionally, Aidan has upgraded and changed his armour and wears it more openly.

Aidan’s new armour…

Fork in the Road

After the missions to Mannan and Aunap, Aidan feels he is finally ready to proceed with his plan to infiltrate Dar-Manda Arpot’s faction and destroy it from within. The complications of other responsibilities and new revelations about Akira’s origins and impending fatherhood have given Aidan pause, wondering when the crew started becoming more a family than mere subordinates.

Sw do d aiden dyre blue

Rising Force

Although supportive of taking in the two twins, Aidan is not convinced that Nyla and Akira should be training them, particularly when they themselves are but students (even if advanced ones). Also since the Jedi are being hunted by agents of the Empire, it increases their own danger. Nyla, along with Aidan’s musings about what his fallen friend Braylen Bren would do, convinces Aidan that the pair are better with them then not. Although not a Jedi, Aidan has aided with the twin’s training in more mundane skills like unarmed combat, piloting and survival.

Pariahus & The Corpse Droid

Having escaped assassination attempts and confronting the spirit of a long dead Sith, Aidan decided that it was time to find out more about this Corpse Droid that was hunting them. The Tarisian provided the opportunity when he mentioned about a Rodian Bounty Hunter named Pariahus had been looking for the Corpse Droid, but was overdue for his return from the Tapani Sector. Kelko, Nyla and Akira seemed willing to investigate, and with the surprise addition of Miss M’rell, the allies traveled to the Tapani Sector. It was a mistake and a trap. Aidan, Akira, Nyla and Kelko were taken prisoner by the House Guard of House Mecetti and turned over to the Corpse Droid…but at least they found Pariahus.

General Dyre

Following the escape from the Corpse Droid and the death of Kelko, Aidan and company returned to Taris, where Aidan reunited with former Bren Irregular’s sniper Shad Raal. At Aidan’s request, Shad has assembled an elite company of Mandalorian warriors to destroy Dar-manda Arpot’s faction once and for all. Turning command of the Renegade over to the recuperated Akira, the newly minted General Dyre, with his commanders Shad Raal and Baccitcuk the Wookiee, took command of the Marauder Corvette (Valor), and two Corellian Gunships (Kelko’s Endless Vengeance and the Rancor’s Fist), setting course for Dantooine to give Kelko a proper send off and then complete his task for Mand’alor Fenn Shysa. What he found was Outlander waiting…

Aidan Dyre

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