Shad Raal

Male Mandalorian Solider

The Clone Wars

During the Clone Wars, Shad served in the organization known as Bren’s Irregular’s, a militia lead by Jedi General Braylen Bren. Shad’s specialty was as a sniper, a role in which he excelled, providing long range cover for his brothers in arms and allies.

Order 66

Following the execution of Order 66 after the failed Jedi Rebellion, Shad evaded Imperial forces on a Vasharan Moon along with fellow Mandalorians Aiden Dyre and Darr Lannik. The three men were the sole survivors of General Bren’s militia.

Armour and Gear

Shad decided early on in his career as warrior for hire to forgo the Jetpack famously used by countless of his fellow Mandalorians, instead opting to train himself to excel on steady surfaces more suited for long range target shooting.

Shad’s preferred weapon by the end of the Clone Wars was a highly modified DC-17m Interchangable Weapon System with a sniper attachment. Shad’s personal variant had been programed to feed the targeting display directly into his helmet’s HUD, thereby lessening the time needed to line up a target before taking a shot. Despite this, Shad was a highly capable and deadly marksman without any HUD or electronic assistance of any kind.

Shad Raal

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