The Wise Old One

Female Tchuukthai Medicine Woman


The Wise Old One, as she is known, is the medicine woman for the Dantari Kiwa village of Purok on Dantooine. The age of the Old Wise One is not currently known, however the Kiwa warrior Bordup once remarked that “she was the medicine woman since the time of my grandfathers youth”, indicating she had served the Kiwa for several generations at the least.

How a mamber of the reclusive and relatively unknown Tchuukthai species came to be on Dantooine, let alone where one so powerful received her Force training is currently unknown, a secret known only by the Wise Old One herself and likely kept secret to prevent her location being discovered.

The elderly quadrupedal reptile Force master became known to the player party when Nyla Hawklight came to visit her after sensing the Wise Old One’s Force presence while searching for her runaway training remote. Nyla was and remains convinced the training remote was trying to direct Nyla to the Kiwa village and the Wise Old One, though the Wise Old One claims to not remember ever owning a droid.

Despite her advanced aga, and her not being an actual Jedi, the Wise Old One has given Nyla invaluable insight and training on the ways of the Force and the path of the Light Side as well as instructed her on the use of the highly coveted and rare Vincha root. As a result, Nyla has come to think of the Old Wise One as a master to her of sorts, especially in the wake of the death of her own Jedi Master.

The Wise Old One

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