Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

The Crawl

s our brave heroes attempt a speedy recovery from their biggest defeat yet and largest setback since first joining forces they are ferried against their will across the galaxy to places unknown in the bowls of a dreaded IMPERIAL DUNGEON SHIP, a vessel built for the sole purpose of transporting captured Jedi Knights.

Though the party has finally made contact with the ellusive and shadowing operative known as Parias, the location and the aims of the notorious CORPSE DROID still remain unknown, as do the location of the party’s closest friends and loved ones last seen before their capture on the planet PROCOPIA.

Time has become ever more of the essence as events once thought distant and irrelevant now appear connected if not intertwined, and a destiny years in the making fast approaching our heroes as they fight desperately to escape their prison and strive to end whatever sinister plots are now or remain in motion…

The Run Again

Elsae stopped just for a moment to catch her breath as she sat her still unconcious sister down beside her in the dark alley of the Procopian night. It had been only minutes since she had taken her sister and fled the scene of defeat where her master Jedi Master Ben Toshi had fallen in battle, not unlike how her and her sisters master Ofar Tan-Doov had died only months before. Could it be happening again Elsae wondered as she struggled to catch her breath?

She hoped not, but she vowed to make those troopers who had hurt her master pay if that was the price, no one would stop her this time she told herself, they would pay for what they had done. In the mean time Elsae picked her unconcious sister up, still wounded from the skirmish with the House Guard Troopers of House Mecetti and began hurrying again through the ancient city’s winding alley’s.

Elsae was positive after what felt like at least another five minutes of running that she had evaded her and her sisters pursuers, and had turned her head back to see not a single pursuer in sight, only to be taken by complete surprise by the glow of the individual’s blade that now stood before her and her sister, blocking their path of escape.

Arrested Progress

Aidan Dyre continued his inverted struggle with the iron shackle around his left wrist as he hung suspended against the wall of the dark chamber of the Dungeon Ship, making progress in loosening the chain that connected the cuff to the floor below, but digging the sharp razor barbs inside the shackle ever deeper into his wrist.

Akira Ben-Toshi meanwhile used all his strength to attempt move even an inch from his inverted position, floating suspended inside the Universal Energy Cage. Parias warned him that it was a futile effort, as he himself had been imprisoned for two weeks and had been unable to move at all. Akira however was determined to find a flaw in the principals of the cage. Realizing that he was immersed in a field that restricted his movement and severely dampened his ability to call on the Force outside of his own body, Akira instead used the Force to enter a highly focused state, one where he was able to eventually with great concentration become aware of the waves of energy moving throughout the field that entrapped him. With this focus in mind Akira was able to eventually and quickly move with the waves, first curling into a fetal position, much to the astonishment of Parias, and then moving in a spiral motion, continuously spinning from the center of the cage outwards to it’s edges.

Realizing he was making great progress Akira challenged his friend Aidan to a race to see who could escape their restraints first, which Aidan, ever the proud Mandalorian warrior graciously accepted. Though Akira soon reached the outer edges of the cage, Aidan’s head start was too much to overcome, and soon Aidan wrenched the shackle’s chain free from the wall, freeing his left arm but suffering a horrendous amount of blood loss, weakening him greatly. Akira meanwhile soon simply swam out of the energy cage like a fish through water, then climbing onto the unit’s top in the event that the floor was electrified.

From atop the cage Akira surveyed the chamber he and his friends found thsemselves in. It was windowless, featureless durasteel lined, approximately fourty meters in width and diameter, and five meters in height. On the other side of the room Akira spotted two other cages, both deactivated, but both containing what seemed to be skeletal remains. Akira also noticed five doors in the walls of the dungeon chamber, all of which lacked control panels to open. Akira tested his theory that the floor was booby trapped first by urinating on it to see if it was heat sensitive, which it was not he discovered.

Akira then tested if the floor was sensitive to organic matter, by telekenetically moving a bone from one of the force cages, a femur and dropping it onto the chamber floor. The instant he did the five doors opened automatically, revealing a person security droid behind each door, armed with flame throwers, blaster cannons and stun staffs mounted on their arms. Akira quickly directed Nyla and Parias how to escape their cages as he had before the droids could reach him, which they did just as the first droid fired his flamethrower at Akira.

In the ensuing fight Akira and Parias lept ontop of two of the droids, desperately sabotaging them while at the same time attempting to re-program them without touching the chamber floor. Nyla meanwhile made use of the Force by first using Technometry to confuse one droid and send it fleeing, then using Move Object to smash two droids together. Akira, despite being bound to the wall by his feet and one arm still used his one free arm and the chain attached to trip one of the droids, causing it to take damage and loose precious seconds. Meanwhile Akira and Parias, despite being thrown off their droids and hitting the floor, taking great electrocution damage, were able to deactivate the droids they had climbed onto. By doing so they were able to quickly harvest the droids weapons and destroy the one remaining droid that had earlier fled in confusion before it could regain it’s bearings.

Now armed with items such as welding torches and chainsaws that were once the droids attachments, Parias and Akira were able to free Aidan and Kalko, who had been whistling an old Rodian hunting song Eye of the Vine Cat for encouragement. Now free the party went about deciding just what there next step was as they were still trapped in the bowls of a dreaded Dungeon Ship blazing through hyperspace.

A Logical Trap

The party soon agreed that no matter what their overall strategy was, they had to leave the confines of their chamber. Akira, using one of the blaster canons pilfered from a defeated security droid open fired on the durasteel chamber wall, blasting a hole in the wall but unleashing the decompressing force of a massive vacuum onto the chamber, wrenching the party from their perches atop of the cages helplessly towards the hole in the wall Akira had blasted. Nyla, thinking and reacting fast was able to use the Force to pull the hole that Akira had blasted shut, allowing the party to safely fall to the ground, all of whom being badly electrocuted before they could climb back on top of the cages.

It was clear that outside of the chamber was a vacuum, making travel all but impossible. Parias however revealed an impressive feature of his cybernetic left arm. His hand detached from the metal housing, becoming a floating probe that Parias guided towards the hole Nyla had just sealed, and seemingly using the Force Parias pushed the hole open just long enough for his remote probe to fly through before pulling the hole closed again. Using a holographic projector from his cybernetic arm Parias projected what the remote probe saw, a vast open larger chamber featuring a dozen smaller chambers such as their own within this larger chamber. The good news was that this was not open and exposed space, but still a de-pressurized vacuum never the less.

Further exploring of the larger chamber revealed what seemed to be a maintenance hatch that lead to the command bridge, although an entire row of chambers fourty meters wide by fourty meters long stood between the party’s chamber and this hatch. After much discussion it was decided that the party’s only hope to escape from this Dungeon Ship before it reached it’s destination was to get to the bridge, even if it meant exposing themselves to a vacuum. The party opted to once again blast a hole in the wall, fly into the wall of the chamber between them and the bridge hatch, and blast their way into that chamber, rest and then repeat the process again until they had entered the bridge.

By stripping small airborne gas containers from the wrecks of the security droids used to supply fuel to the droids welding torches, Akira was able to build simple but effective oxygen tanks that he filled with air through an air vent that was automatically re-pressurizing their cabin. Once ready, with everyone holding onto a chain retrieved from the chamber wall together and with Parias’s remote probe retrieved, Aidan blasted a hole in the chamber wall, sucking the party into the void between the chambers. After violently bouncing against the new chambers wall, Aidan and Akira were able to cut their way into the new chamber, and then quickly seal up the hole they created once everyone was safe inside. The whole process took more than thirty seconds, an eternity from the party’s perspective as they tried desperately to cut into the new chamber while not floating away in their airless and soundless environment.

Once inside Akira refilled the party’s canisters of oxygen, and after using Parias’s remote hand to deactivate the chambers gravity from the outside so that they did not have to stand on an electrocuted floor. However by this time the party realized that the distant hum of the ships engines had gone silent, indicating that they were no longer in hyperspace. No matter what this meant the party was not keen on being taken to their destination, so they pressed on with their plan. After resting a moment the party was able to blast a hole once again in this chambers outer wall, exposing clear as day amidst the decompressing vacuum that Parias’s remote probe had earlier revealed. This time for better control Parias fired his remote hand off with a liquid cable attached out through the hole onto the hatchway, which Aidan swung along using a pilfered blaster canon with the rest of the party and Parias in tow.

Once against the hatch Aidan, Akira and this time Kalko all helped in cutting through the hatch, until the party was able to get inside of what was indeed the ships bridge, albeit completely powered down and devoid of gravity and oxygen. With the party inside, the hatchway re-sealed but their oxygen canisters rapidly depleting, Akira was able to activate the bridge’s environmental systems.

A Galaxy of Two Destinations

With the life support systems restored on the bridge the party was able to begin to figure out where they were, although it was clear from the view from the massive viewport that they were not in hyperspace, they were also not in orbit of any planet, but rather had stopped in deadspace. Further more it seemed that the entire ship was being piloted by the ships droid brain, which had since gone dormant. With the droid brain dormant and most of it’s core functions offline Akira was only able to glean a few bits of information from it. He learned that the ship had come out of hyperspace where they were now almost exactly between the Tapani Sector and Hutt Space as an automatic reaction to the party escaping from their chamber, he also learned that a quick transmission had been sent by the ships computer as well, also as a response to the party’s break out. Where it was sent however was a mystery.

Soon Akira was able to bring the ships navigation computer online, however as the party began debating where they should take the Dungeon Ship to to be safe Akira discovered that there were only two hyperspace co-ordinates in the ships navigation computer, one for their point of origin in the Tapani Sector, and one deep in Hutt Space. Aidan asked Nyla and Akira if they could use the Force to guide the ship through hyperspace, which the two Jedi confessed that they could not, as it was a skill so difficult that a slightest mistake in calculation and focus could lead to their ships destruction in an instant. The party agreed then that for better or for worse, they would return to the co-ordinates of their origin in the Tapani Sector and hope that their friends, the Padawan’s of Akira and Nyla Elsae and Eldewn Sarvool, the Wookie life pledges of Aidan and Kalko’s Baccitcuk and Quaggo, Akira’s fiance and mother of his unborn child Dyneh Lonin, Nyla’s friend Umdat and Kalko’s girl friend Miss M’Row were okay and safe.

Stretching out into the Force Nyla was at least able to sense that her Padawan Eldewn was alive, and for the moment looking for her as well.



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