Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

Episode II

The Phantoms of Ando

pon arriving at the spaceport docking bay 78, where the player party hoped to rest and recuperate on board the Renegade for the evening, the party discovers a large crowd of labourers, droids and spacers crowded around the entrance to their docking bay. Pushing his way through the crowd Aiden comes to the front, to find the Stormtroopers manning the checkpoint dead from blaster shots, and their force-field gate destroyed and still smoldering. At that exact same moment a detachment of Stormtroopers arrive at the scene, and with their commander pushing his way through the crowd he comes to stand next to Aiden before the deceased troopers.

Turning to face the crowd of onlookers behind him, the commander demands “Will someone tell me what in blazes happened?!” Before Aiden, the one closest to the commander could answer blaster shots are heard from inside the docking bay just meters away. The commander ordered two men to stand guard while he and three others hurried on inside. The atmosphere outside the docking bay grew tense as the moments passed, the two remaining Stormtroopers nervously watching over the crowd beside the bodies of their fallen comrades. When Akira broke the silence by speaking up and asking if they could help he was quickly scolded by one of the nervous troopers, only moments before a static filled cry for help was heard over their comlinks from their commander inside the docking bay. After a moments indecision the two Stormtroopers decided to join their brothers in combat, with Akira close behind later followed by Aiden and Nyla, with Kalko remaining behind with Umdat and R4.

Inside the docking bay the heroes saw a terrible firefight underway between four Stormtroopers over two of their wounded comrades and three Clone Wars era Battle Droids, along with a single large heavy lifting loading droid fighting amongst broken and scattered cargo crates. Behind the chaos of the battle the heroes also saw a disturbing sight, three figures beside the torn open wreck of a YT-2400 freighter, each holding a large crate in their arms. One of the figures in particular gazed long at the heroes in his all black jumpsuit behind brilliant red goggles, before launching into the Ando sky on his rocketpack along with his two hooded companions, each with their large crates in hand.

After watching the three ringleaders of the heist take flight the heroes did battle with the remaining droids, with none other than Aiden taking over command of the Stormtroopers line of defense when their commander fell. Akira meanwhile took to climbing inside of the now smoldering YT-2400 adjacent to their own Renegade, finding the inside wrecked and twisted by the large lumbering labour droid fighting outside, discovering a large quantity of aquata breathers and short range comlinks, though it was evident most of the ships cargo was scattered outside of the docking bay floor from the droid ransacking. Returning to the outside battle as Aiden was leading the troopers to victory while Nyla gave aid to the fallen commander, Akira then began inspecting the contents of the broken cargo crates, finding little inside the broken crates.

With Aiden nearly single handidly destroying the lumbering labour droid and Nyla reviving the fallen Stormtrooper commander, the battle was eventually won, with Kalko, Umdadt and R4 then joining the party inside the docking bay as the Stormtroopers secured the area and waited for reinforcements. Now inside the docking bay Kalko and Akira began a more thorough inspection of the wrecked frighter now that the firefight was over, while attempting to suppress the fires burning inside. Kalko drawing on his smuggling expertise discovered three large crates hidden below the deck of the freighter. Opening the crates Akira and Kalko made an incredible discovery, that they contained tens of thousands of credits worth of Giggledust, a highly addictive and deadly narcotic. Quickly re-hiding their newfound loot Akira and Kalko quickly made another more gruesome discovery, three dead Gaomoreans bound together and shot in the head. Still Kalko and Akira staked a salvage claim on the wreck upon the arrival of Imperial reinforcements, long delayed by the ongoing riot in the Docks District. The Stormtrooper commander, upon relaying a clarification on the legality of salvaging the wrecked ship to his superiors was informed that none other than the Imperial Garrison’s commander wanted to speak with the entire party in person.

A quick ride in an armored military speeder truck later through the crowds of onlookers brought the party to the massive blastdoors of the Imperial Garrison itself, which was in a mad flurry of activity as troop landers flew overhead, and armoured bulldozing repulsor tanks speeding to follow scattered Stormtroopers breaking formation to reach the deadly riots in the Docks District under the crimson and black standard of the First Galactic Empire. All the while little Umdadt clung trembling to Nyla’s leg, muttering that this was how he had lost his parents. After being lead inside the Garrison by the Stormtrooper commander they had fought along side of, they were lead to a massive grey durasteel office type building, and inside they were lead down an twisting pathway of hallways and offices until they arrived at a nearly empty conference room where only the base commander Colonel Taft Madine sat working.

Asking the commander to leave them alone to speak, the Colonel asked the party to sit down and thanked them graciously for helping save his men’s lives and repel the “gutless separatist holdout scum”. An exchange of pleasantries and an explanation that the party are friends visiting Ando as tourists later, the Colonel made the point of this meeting clear with an offer of work as extra security for two pressing jobs the Colonel and the Empire had interests in on Ando. Presented with the choice of escorting a reclusive Quaren “business man” from his posh island estate to a major dinner gala or safeguarding the deployment of a rich Corellian’s “Seacrawler” on the ocean floor to begin harvesting Mineral Fish the party decided that escorting the Quaren was more to their liking. The terms of their employment were settled on, ten thousand credits for the party to share, a full salvage claim on the wrecked freighter WITHOUT Imperial inspection before hand, and a guarantee that the Bureau of Ships and Services would not inspect or hassle the party while in port on Ando.

Aiden shook hands with Colonel Madine, launching the party’s new found career as agents of the Galactic Empire.

Questions Asked:

1. Who was the mysterious red goggled leader of the pirate raiders on the docking bay and his hooded companions?

2. Why did the mysterious pirate leaders abandon their droids and apparently most of the ships cargo in favour of only three crates?

3. Will the true owner of the wrecked ships contents and cargo come looking for their valuable cargo?

4. What happened to Umdadt’s parents that made him so frightened to go near the Imperial Garrison in Quantill City?

5. Why was Colonel Madine so anxious to hire the heroes for the task at hand when he had an entire Garrison at his disposal?

6. Will the mysterious Jeyen ever arrive to answer the questions surround the heroes reasons for being on Ando in the first place?

Questions Answered:

1. Who killed the Stormtroopers manning the checkpoint outside the Renegades docking bay?

The masked pirate raiders who evidently were after only three large crates in the YT-2400 freighter inside the docking bay the Stormtroopers were guarding



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