The CLONE WARS have ended, the separatist Confederacy has been defeated, the Galactic Empire has risen from the remains of the ancient Galactic Republic, and the year that has passed since has seen the dawn of the DARK TIMES.

The once glorious Jedi Knights have fallen, scattered to the far reaches of the galaxy. Soliders of the wars now struggle to seek out their place in this New Order, while scoundrels and smugglers search for opportunity in the madness of these times. Darkness lurks in all the corners of the universe, as even the Force itself is in upheaval.

Yet in this upheaval a great plan has been formed. A plan that will bring four unlikely heroes together for an adventure unlike any before. The pieces have been set. Events are now in motion that cannot be stopped. The dawn of darkness approaches, and these four heroes will soon find that the fate of the galaxy is held in their hands. The path they walk is not yet chosen …

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Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness

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