The Wookie are a tall, hair covered bipedal sentient species native to the planet Kashyyyk. The species is known for it’s massive strength, it’s agility, it’s loyalty as well as it’s ferocity when it comes to defending themselves from outsider attackers.

Biology and Appearance

Wookies evolved into their current state from tree climbing and dwelling mammals on the forest covered planet of Kashyyyk. Wookies live entirely within massive trees and dwell in massive cities built amongst the tops of trees on Kashyyyk, rarely touching the ground below.

Wookies are capable of learning to understand almost any language in the galaxy, however due to the limitations of their own vocal capabilities, Wookies can only speak in their own guttural language known as Shyriiwook.

Wookies are very short tempered, regularly becoming highly defensive and in some cases violent if they feel their integrity has been challenged in even the slightest way. This is made often even more dangerous by the fact that Wookies have great combat skill prowess.

Society and Culture

Wookies possessed a very spiritual culture, and every observed a highly important holiday known as Life Day. Wookies are also well known for their strong beliefs in the Life Debt. The life debt being a lifetime of loyalty and aid to one who had saved their life or the life of someone they cared about deeply.

Wookie society is currently threatened by the Galactic Empire, who despite being allies with the Wookies during the Clone Wars have since occupied the planet Kashyyyk and have taken to hunting Wookies for use as slaves. Millions of Wookies are now enslaved to the Empire, but the exact reason for Imperial hostility and cruelty, much less the need for Wookies specifically remains unknown.

Encounters with the Player Party

The player party first encountered Wookies en mass when they first arrived on the planet Dantooine and learned of the Wookie settlement of Nng-Muarga Kashyyyk, a settlement made up of fugitive Wookies fleeing Imperial persecution located next to Ecumenopolis.
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Granzawaroo, a Wookie Chieftan now living on Dantooine.


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