Wardens of the Sky

The Wardens of the Sky were a secretive Force-using tradition that could be found throughout the known Galaxy. It’s members believe it is their responsibility to use their Force powers to keep the spacelanes and starports of the Galaxy safe for any and all travellers. The preferred method of combat for the Wardens of the Sky was martial artistry.

Unlike larger more prominent Force-using traditions such as the Jedi, the Wardens of the Sky operate without a central hierarchy, leaving each Warden of the Sky to operate on his or her own, offering aid to any traveller in need of help.

Encounters with the Player Party

A member of the Wardens of the Sky, Zeetra was introduced to Thrax by Thrax’s Jensaarai Defender master Kotore. Zeetra had learned from a mysterious informant of the location of four deadly assassins and wanted criminals, and needed help in capturing the fugitives Aidan Dyre, Akira Ben-Toshi, Kalko the Colossal and Nyla Hawklight.

Wardens of the Sky

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