Quantil City Civic Guard

The Civic Guard of Quantill City are the main public police and security force on the capital city of Ando. Historically the Civic Guard was tasked with investigating crimes, and protecting the citizens of Quantill City from internal criminal threats.

The Civic Guard served briefly as auxiliary and reserve forces defending Ando from the Republic invasion during the last year of the Clone Wars, and in the aftermath saw most of it’s leadership jailed and forced out of public service for their ties to the defeated Separatists. Under current Imperial rule the Civic Guard has been relegated to low level enforcers for Imperial occupational forces capable only of investigating minor crimes and issuing citations on their own authority while the Stormtroopers handle most significant investigations and enforcements.

The Civic Guard has a reputation amongst spacers as being very heavy handed and more likely to use violence as a first resort, however this is often simply attributed to Aqualish nature. The Civic Guards primary weapon is a Vibro mace, however standard blaster pisols and repeating blasters are also carried and used as weapons.


Two Aqualish Quantill City Civic Guardsman

Quantil City Civic Guard

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