Outer Rim Territories

The Outer Rim Territories, or the Outer Rim is the region of the galaxy outside of the Mid Rim and adjactent to the Unknown Regions.

The Outer Rim is to this day the most wild, unexplored and unsettled region of the known galaxy, and the region where galactic civilization has always had the weakest foothold. Criminal activity from the spice trade to the slave trade run rampant throughout the territories, with hundreds of worlds having little if any regular contact with traffic and visitors from the inner regions of the galaxy.

As a result, the Outer Rims have gained a notorious reputation as a wild, uncivilized, poverty stricken cultural and technological wasteland of space.

Encounters with the Player Party

The player party first traveled together to the Outer Rim when they were recruited by the The Tarisian to work out of his settlement of Ecumenopolis on the planet Dantooine. Since then they have also traveled to the planet Ordisan in Mandalorian Space, also part of the Outer Rim Territories.

Behind the Screen

Best selling Star Wars author and co-author of Star Wars: The Essential Atlas once wrote concerning the Mid Rim that if the Core were Manhattan, the Colonies were Brooklyn and Queens, the Inner Rim was New Jersey, and the Expansion Region was Detroit, the Mid Rim was Iowa, then the Outer Rim would be Arkansas.

“Outer Rim: Dogpatch, Arkansas. If you live here you live a long way from anywhere with cultural bragging rights. It doesn’t matter how smart, stylish, or brilliant you are – as soon as you announce your hometown even Midwesterners give you “that look” and mentally classify you as a hillbilly." 1)

Outer Rim Territories

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