Nyla's Remote Droid

Nyla’s remote droid is at first glance a standard training remote, a common droid used for military training exercises throughout the galaxy.

This remote in particular was purchased by Nyla Hawklight and Aiden Dyre while attending an auction for Jedi memorabilia near a spaceport on Nar Shadda. According to the auctioneer, the remote was used to train Jedi Padawan’s in lightsaber combat within the Jedi Temple on Coruscant (now known as Imperial Centre). Nyla had been drawn to the auction by the apparent Force signature left behind on so many Jedi artifacts combined in one location.

Nyla had hoped the droid would make for a useful training tool as well as nostalgic link to her past, however the droid initially did nothing more than hover aimlessly while not acknowledging Nyla or anyone’s presence. An inspection by Aiden yielded no clues why the remote was seemingly refusing to operate, but Nyla declined to have it’s memory whipped in the hopes that it could still help her somehow in it’s current state.

The only time to date when the droid showed any sign of life was when on the party’s first night on Dantooine it snuck out of the Renegade and travelled more than seventy kilometers in the direction of a native Dantari village, though Nyla was unable at first to discern why her remote would suddenly try to travel to this village on it’s own.

Nyla’s training remote droid.

Nyla's Remote Droid

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