Nyla's Harmony in Chaos

Harmony in Chaos

n these dark times, it seems that chaos is everywhere. Yet I also find that harmony can still be found too. Even with everything that’s happened, I have found a way to hold onto my sense of harmony though it hasn’t been easy. As I continue to observe, things can change really fast out of nowhere.

Very recently (on Aunap) we found and helped rescue two 16 year old twins. As it turns out they are Jedi Padawans and it was their Jedi Master that saved them just in time by pushing them into an escape pod and setting it off just before the ship was destroyed by the Star Destroyer that was pursuing them. Unfortunately, the two sisters were the only survivors, but luckily we were able to get to the escape pod and rescue them before the Imperial found them.

And now I find myself preparing to train Eldewyn (one of the sisters) while Akira prepares himself to train Elsae (the other sister). Harmony will be very helpful because it will allow me to perceive with a clear and calm mind. I hope to help Eldewin find harmony as well to guide her towards the path of the light. The dark side seeks to confuse and manipulate, especially individuals with power and/or the ability to gain power; which is why I hope to hold onto my sense of harmony for the journey ahead…

Nyla's Harmony in Chaos

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