The Neimodians were green-greyish bipedal humanoids indigenous to the planet Neimodia, but also several colony or “purse” worlds in the same sector.

As genetic descendants of early Duros spacers, Neimodians diverged to become their own distinct species nearly 25,000 years ago. Never the less the Neimodians have retained many facial and body similarities to their Duros ancestors, such as noseless faces and down turned mouths.

More than three centuries ago the Neimodians played a major part in the founding of the Trade Federation, a massive galaxy spanning shipping organization and cartel. The Federation would go on to become a principal financier of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Separatist Crisis and later the Clone Wars.

Upon the defeat of the CIS at the wars conclusion, the Trade Federations assets were absorbed into the newly created Galactic Empire, and most surviving Neimodians retreated to Neimodia and withdrew for the most part from life in the greater galaxy.


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