Manaan is a single mooned oceanic terrestrial world located in the Pyrshak System of the Mid-Rim. The planet is home to the Selkath, a species of sentient aquatic species. Massive oceans covered the entire planet surface, with the only functioning starport and land based city being Ahto City, an artificially built city floating on the ocean surface.

The planet is also home to the naturally occuring healing agent known as kolto, a very powerful agent used for millenia to cure any range of diseases and treat any numbers of injuries until the perfection of bacta in more recent times.

The oceans surrounding Ahto City are highly polluted due to failed sewage removal systems within the city and loose enviromental standards guarding the few off-world industries who choose to do business on Manaan.

Ancient Times

The planet was once a major trade hub and center of political importance, but since the decline of kolto, the planets only major export the resident Selkath have become ever more resentful of what they see as a Galaxy which used their world and moved on when it was through with them. The end result has been a mostly isolated sentient population highly resentful of any offworlders, with only a small minority maintaining the once glorious Ahto City, now a ruined shell of it’s once former glory in great disrepair.

The Clone Wars

During the Clone Wars a Feeorin pirate named Tyrill Vral was known to have visited the planet and was accused of plotting stealing vast quantities of kolto, which by now was only used as a low end bacta substitute on poor worlds and settlements. The theft was prevented by the timely intervention of Jedi Master Jorin Kar and his Padawan learner Nyla Hawklight.

Galactic Empire

Following the conclusion of the war the planet would again become the point of interest with off-world parties and investors. Two Hutt crimelords, a renegade Black Sun Vigo and “the Tarisian” all began exploring the possibility of extracting kolto from a highly rich section of the ocean known as Derelict Canyon.


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