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elcome players, gamers and friends alike to my epic Saga Edition campaign Star Wars: Dawn of Darkness, which is not to be confused with the fun but very different pre-made campaign Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance by Wizards of the Coast.

Our campaign is set in the DARK TIMES, the era where the evil Galactic Empire has risen from the ashes of the Clone Wars and is actively tightening it’s iron grip on the entire Galaxy in the time between Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope. With the help of my loving and supporting wife, we have been meeting with three of our closest friends on a monthly basis to take part in this great adventure.

Currently the party is at Heroic Level Three in the game, and have managed thus far to evade the might of the Empire actively searching for them as a result to being framed by a mysterious man named Jeyen. Further information regarding this campaign, the setting, the story so far and many other interesting elements can be found in the links below. Thank you for visiting and enjoy the adventure!


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