The lightsaber, or laser sword to those unfamiliar with the weapon or it’s nature is a distinctive melee weapon consisting of a metalic hilt and a frozen beam of light in place of a traditional metalic blade.

The weightless nature of the frozen beam of light, combined with the incredible danger the blade poses makes the lightsaber an incredibly difficult, clumsy and dangerous weapon to wield. In the hands of a Force user however the lightsaber can becomes an elegant and powerful weapon, one that requires the highest levels of discipline, focus, dexterity and attunement in the Force to master.

The lightsaber was invented by early Jedi Knights millennia ago, though the technology used to freeze a solid beam of light is still relatively advanced and unknown to most of the galaxy. It is known that powerful but rare lightsaber crystals, used in the heart of the lightsabers mechanisms played a massively crucial part in powering the lightsabers blade of light, as well as determining the colour of the blade itself.

The lightsaber was considered to be the official weapon of the Jedi Order until the orders destruction following the end of the Clone Wars, one warn by every Knight in the order. It was believed that a critical step for a young Jedi Padawan to complete before graduating to the full rank of Knight was the construction of their very own lightsaber.

Encounters with the Player Party

Both Akira Ben-Toshi and Nyla Hawklight posess Jedi lightsabers, having been given them during their time with the order. Neither Nyla or Akira however have yet to build their own lightsabers.


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