Laponth is a terrestrial planet in the Outer Rim Territories of the Galaxy. With a mostly human population with a mix of various other spacefaring species, the planet is one of the last jumping off points for exploration into the Unknown Regions, along with Muunilinst and Terminus.


The planet as of the year 17 GrS the entire planet is in a state of agressive government backed natural restoration aimed at restoring the planets once pristine oceans, lakes, rivers and forests. Great progress has been made in the eighteen year restoration effort, though large sections of the planet still remain desolated from years of industrial exploitation during the planet’s decade long occupation.

The planet is mostly human, with a mix of various other spacefaring species as well as a unique non native insectoid species.

The planet’s capital city is Abdorrahman Xenix, it’s current mayor being a young human woman named Valleria Sophos. Abdorrahman Xenix is a coastal city surrounded by high mountain ranges, at the mouth of a wide river.


The planet was by the year 100 BrS the capital world of a massive sector wide body known as the Laponian Empire. The empire was founded on what can be considered social, cooperatively and public centered values and policy. Though the planet did maintain trade with Republic member worlds in the Outer Rim, it had no formal relationship with the Republic, nor did the Republic have official contact with it.

A breakaway planet named Gaena unilaterally seperated from the Laponian Empire in the year 78 BrS and formed it’s own organization of planets named the Coalition of Free Worlds. Though the Laponian Empire attempted to maintain peaceful relations with their breakaway world, the Gaena backed Coalition became militarily agressive, and after establishing contact and receiving support from the Trade Federation began a campaign of conquest aimed at absorbing the Laponian Empire into the Coalition of Free Worlds.

After nearly ten years of fighting the last remants of formal resistance on Laponth ended, and the Empire ceased to exist under Coalition occupation and rule.

By the year 55 BrS however an organized resistance movement began to take shape, aimed at restoring Laponian rule over it’s former member worlds. The resistance struggled for decades, with many of it’s leaders fleeing into exile to avoid capture. Eventually by the year 2 GrS the resistance to Coalition rule had established conrol over great portions of Laponth itself, and after a timely intervention by a Republic delegation aided by no less than three Jedi, the planet was liberated and officially recognized by the Galactic Republic, making it safe from Trade Federation or Coalition reprisal.

Following the end of the Clone Wars in the year 16 GrS and the defeat of the Trade Federation backed and later Separatist backed Coalition of Free Worlds, control over what had historically been the Laponian Empire was returned to Laponth, creating what has been called the Restored Laponian Empire, the Second Laponian Empire, or simply the Laponian Empire as before.

Since the rise of the Galactic Empire the Laponian government has maintained strong military and trade relations with the galactic government as a loyal member world, despite the often different ideologies.

Encounters with the Player Party

The player party first came to the planet Laponth after fleeing Bodir in the Unknown Regions after the destruction of the Asteroid Ship.


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