Kashyyyk is a Class M heavily forest covered planet located in the Mid-Rim. It is the homeworld to the Wookie species, a race of highly intelligent spacefarers who live in the planet’s towering tree’s.


The planet features only one single consistant season throughout it’s orbital year, due to no tilt in it’s axis and a perfectly circular orbit around it’s sun. Though the planet does feature a small desert portion, various mountain ranges and a oceanic belt it’s predominant feature is it’s sprawling forests.

One of the more predominent features of these sprawling forests is the Wroshyr Tree, which are often made to serve as homes for the Wookie inhabitants and are known to grow several kilometers into the sky. The very depths of the forests of Kashyyyk are known as the Shadowlands, and contain an ecology and environment almost entirely contained and unique to their low elevation as a result of the thickness of the forests above. These Shadowlands are highly dangerous to venture into even for the most experienced Wookie adventurer.


It is estimated that tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years ago the mysterious Rakata species and their Infinite Empire had transformed Kashyyyk for agricultural purposes, but the collapse of their empire in the subsequent millennial allowed for unregulated and uncontrolled growth of the planets vegetation to go unchecked, resulting in the forest covered planet that exists today.

Around the year 4000 BrS the planet was discovered by the ancient Czerka Corporation, the ancient predicessor to the modern Czerka Corporation]]. The corporation saw great value in the planets natural resources, and enslaved the Wookie population in a brief occupation in the hopes of profiting greatly from the slave labour and natural resources of Kashyyyk. Their occupation was short lived however, and after approximately 65 years a revolt amongst the Wookie slaves drove the Czerka Corporation off the planet.

During the Clone Wars the planet remained neutral under the orders of it’s king, Grakchawwaa. The king however changed his alliegance to that of the Republic in the final year of the war after the death of his son at the hands of the forces of the treacherous General Grievous. Following this development the droid armies of the Confederacy launched a massive invasion of Kashyyyk, which was successfully halted and eventually repelled with the aid of then Jedi Master Yoda.

Following the betrayal of the Jedi Order and the declaration of the New Order, the planet has fallen under Imperial occupation in order to prosecute the Wookie population who may have aided in the Jedi Rebellion and may to this day be giving aid to fugitive Jedi. It has been rumored by anti-Imperial activists that Wookies are being enslaved en-masse by the Empire for some sort of massive construction project with the help of Trandoshan mercenaries due to their long standing feuds with the Wookeis, but these rumors have been officially denied as vile propaganda produced by enemies of the New Order.


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