Jedi Knights


The Jedi Knights are members of the ancient monastic Jedi Order, who’s history dates back to the very founding of the Galactic Republic. They’re principal mission throughout their history was to serve as the guardians of peace and justice throughout the Republic. However this mandate was often times expanded to that of leading the Republic war efforts in times of great instability or when faced with a galaxy-wide threat.

Ranks within the Jedi Order included that of a Youngling, a Padawan, a Knight, and a Master, the latter of which was the highest and most esteemed rank a Jedi could achieve.

At various times of prosperity for the Jedi Order the Knights numbered in the hundreds of thousand, however by as recently as the beginning of the Clone Wars in 22 BBY the Order’s numbers were as few as 10,000. Though the Jedi Knights did assume the mantle of military leadership of the Grand Army of the Republic on the battlefields in the galaxy wide conflict, the final tole on their ranks was terrible, with the Jedi numbering as few as an estimated 5,000 by 19 BBY.

The final chapter in the history of the Jedi Knights came to a close as the leadership in the Jedi High Council, who seeing their influence on the war effort and the Republic itself fading launched an attempted rebellion against Supreme Chancellor [[Palpatine]]. Their efforts failed and the rebellion was eventually quashed by Republic forces loyal to the democratically elected Chancellor. The remaining Jedi which escaped the suppression of their rebellion with their lives and who may number as many as one thousand or as few as a few hundred have since fled to the darkest corners of the Galaxy in hiding.

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