The Irith are a Dantari tribe native the planet Dantooine as all their fellow Dantari.

Description and culture

As with much of their fellow Dantari, the Irith tribe were exceptionally tall and well built muscularly and lived a relatively simple life without the modern technology and devices enjoyed by most spacefaring cultures and civilizations in the galaxy.

The Irith were culturally a nomadic plains tribe originating from the Southlands of their continent. Using native Brith and Bol as mounts, as well as the mighty Thune (a beast typically reserved for a tribal leader or elder) the Irith would hunt their prey with an impressive range of operation due to their mounts speed and endurance.


Two winters prior to the player party’s arrival on Dantooine, the Irith tribe moved out of the Southlands and into the Northlands where they came into direct conflict with the Kiwa tribe for land and animal prey. Though the Irith raised havoc in Kiwa land for more than a year, by the second winter the Kiwa had amassed a massive multi-village army and were able to defeat the Irith war parties in a series of decisive battles. Defeated and with most of their mounts dead, most of the Irith migrated back to the Southlands from which their people came. It was estimated that only a few nomadic Irith remained on Kiwa land after the defeats and retreat.

Later however these few remaining Irith would find a renewal of strength when pirates, escaping their burning cruisers in orbit over Dantooine encountered the remaining Irith nomads and made a pact with them. In exchange for the Irith’s help with completing a raid on the Ecumenopolis settlement and helping with the theft of several starships, the pirates would supply the Irith with modern blasters, grenades and other weapons needed to once again wreak havoc on the Kiwa.

The pact was agreed upon, and the Irith proved very formidable against Ecumenopolis’s in the raid that followed.


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