Hunto Pawa

The Hunto Pawa is a notorious Hutt clan (also known as a kajidic or cartel). The clan itself was based in the Suolriep Sector, which was directly to the galactic north of Hutt Space. They do however maintain dozens of official estates throughout the galaxy, though the majority of their time is spent on the Dystoba, a massive space station/palace located in dead space that very few have ever seen.

Though nowhere near as well known in the greater galaxy as the infamous Desilijic cartel of Jabba the Hutt, the Hunto Pawa was is no less sinister in it’s enterprise. Like the Desilijic and countless other clans, the Hunto Pawa profit greatly from the slave and spice trades of the Outer Rim Territories. Unlike most clans however the Hunto Pawa enjoy a rich and diverse portfolio of legitimate business ventures ranging from shipping, construction, investment banking, real estate and mining.

The Hunto Pawa are lead by a council of elder Hutt’s known as the Direktoranda. At times in the past the council consisted of as many as ten elder Hutt’s, but today it consists only of three. There are rumors that almost two decades ago there was a fourth elder, but she disappeared mysteriously and her seat on the council has never been filled since.

It is this council that Negas answers to directly, though usually via holoprojector as he seldom has the time to travel to all the way to the Dystoba in between his many jobs for the Hunto Pawa.

Two of the least respected members of this clan were the brothers King Larngo and King Duumba. The player party first became aquatinted with the Hunto Pawa clan when they met Larngo and Duumba at their Ahto City cantina hideout on Manaan.

The literal translation of the name “Hunto Pawa” is “The 10 Powers”.

The Hunto Pawa symbol seen as a tatoo on the belly’s of both Larngo and Duumba in Ahto City.

Hunto Pawa

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