The Force is a metaphysical, binding, and ubiquitously powerful energy field that surrounds and penetrates all living things in the Galaxy. Some of the many aspects of the Force that came to be viewed by many were the Light Side, the Dark Side, the Unifying and the Living.

A select few individuals and lifeforms in the Galaxy had the ability to both channel and wield the Force to great use, these individuals were sometimes known as Force Sensitive. This was sometimes correlated with or attributed to Midi chlorians, small micro-organisms which were Force Sensitive by nature found in the blood of all living things. In sufficiently high enough numbers, the host creature was more likely to be Force Sensitive.

The monastic order known as the Jedi Knights used the Light Side and Dark Side as a sort of moral compass, using only powers and abilities drawn from what was viewed as the Light Side of the Force to serve those in need as they believed the Light Side to be the aspect of the Force with which the most good for all could be acomplished.

An opposing view of Jedi’s was held by the Sith, an ancient order who embraced the Dark Side of the Force due to the perception that the Dark Side was stronger and inherently more powerful. The Jedi Knights and the Sith however were not the only orders of Force Users however, by the time of the end of the Clone Wars dozens of much less prominent organizations were known to exist throughout the Galaxy.


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