Ellison's Fury

The Ellison’s Fury was an Imperial Dreadnaught built by Rendili StarDrive in the years before the Clone Wars.

By the year 17 GrS the capital ship was under the command of Captain Granger and was part of Blackeye Squadron, a squadron of fourty-three ships deployed in the Unknown Regions under the command of Captain Thrawn.

The ship was home to the 3PO-series protocol droid AC-3POR, the personal service droid for Captain Granger, an entire herd of Nerf for fresh meat and milk, three Dianoga which kept the ships water stock purified and safe to drink as well as more than five million credits in cash reserve for emergency use.

Encounters with the Player Party

The player party first encountered a Ellison’s Fury when they boarded the abandoned Dreadnaught over the dying planet of Bodir in the Unknown Regions. The ships crew and commanders had been lured onto the massive Asteroid Ship which had devastated Bodir by the sinister creature known as the The Navigator.

The party was able to break the Fury away from the Asteroid Ship after destroying the Navigator, claiming the vessel as their own thereafter.

Ellison's Fury

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