The Dantari were known as a species of primitive near-Humans that lived on the planet Dantooine.

Description and culture

The Dantari were the most well known of the indigenous intelligent life on Dantooine. The muscular and well-built people who were only truly different from baseline humans in their unusually tall height lived simple nomadic life when compared to other spacefaring civilizations and cultures, wandering about Dantooine’s coastline in tribes and living off the land for generations.


It was speculated that the Dantari were descendants of early efforts to colonize Dantooine, possibly millenia ago. However this theory has never been proven. A highly treasured commodity among the Dantari was the root of the Vincha plant, known for both its incredible anesthetic and healing powers. Of all Dantari tribes that were known, the Kiwa and the Irith were two of the more well known examples.

A major tradition for many Dantari was the “Trading Season”, the time of year when weather permitted long distance travel and trading with neighbouring tribes and villages which also served as a way of establishing ties between individuals and tribes. Any number of objects could be exchanged, including sacred stones, weapons, stone and wooden statues, and even the prized Vincha plant and it’s roots.


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