Bureau of Ships and Services

The Bureau of Ships and Services, or BoSS as it was known for short, is the galaxy spanning organization responsible for all starship licensing and transponder code issuing.

The organization provides all spacers in command of a vessel with the appropriate licences on a BoSS issued datapad which are inspected upon arrival at BoSS affiliated spaceports throughout the galaxy. Four of the licences issued by the BoSS are the Captain’s Accredited License, the Ship’s Operating License, the Arms Load-Out Permit, and the Passenger Faring License.


The organization was believed to have been formed around the year 18,000 BrS out of a growing need to register and monitor spacers and space travel for law enforcement reasons. The BoSS has survived through hundreds of generations worth of changes to the galaxy, and countless wars, both small and galactic in scale. Due to the importance of the BoSS, it’s neutrality has always been respected by nearly all power factions in the galaxy.


Both the age and the secretive nature of the BoSS have given rise to it’s own customs and traditions, even it’s own language spoken by it’s agents and inspectors. The information concerning shipping and spacers held by the BoSS is considered invaluable alone, yet the organization is also known to keep it’s own data on hyperspace travel and routes which even the Imperial Space Ministry doesn’t posses. BoSS inspectors can also be found on many more worlds than their Imperial Space Ministry counterparts as well, as they are respected and feared by those in the underworld in starports and shadowports the galaxy over.

Along with the Imperial Space Ministry, or ISM, the Bureau of Ships and Services enforces the Imperial Penal Refernces, or ImPeRe’s for short.

Encounters with the Player Party

The player party first encountered the ISM after arriving on Aunap.

Bureau of Ships and Services

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