Black Sun

Black Sun is a massive pan-galactic criminal organization, some have said it is in fact the largest and deadliest crime syndicate in the known galaxy.


The influence of Black Sun spans social classes, geographical regions and entire layers of government. There is not a single aspect of day to day life in the known galaxy that Black Sun cannot or has not infiltrated in at least some way.

In addition to the typical criminal enterprises such as smuggling and slave trading, Black Sun has shown remarkable capabilities in profiting in everything from legitimate commercial trading, banking, farming, manufacturing and governing.

Black Sun commands a massive standing army of highly trained security personnel and thugs alike with fleets of warships at the ready. In addition to these forces, Black Sun operated a galaxy wide spynet so advanced in it’s capabilities and accuracy that even the more well funded and legitimate Imperial Intelligence could not equal it’s reliability.

At any given time Black Sun was lead by one designated head, and nine subordinates known as Vigos, with each of the Viggos responsible for a different region of the galaxy under their control.

The Player Party

The player party first became involved with Black Sun when they learned from Krith Nosix that a low level Ithorian Vigo named Thodo Marr was conspiring with King Larngo and King Duumba to hamper the Tarisian’s kolto harvesting operation on the planet Manaan.

After the player party failed in an attempt to win over favour with the Hutt’s on Manaan, 4 million credits was stolen from the Hutt’s while Black Sun was initially framed to appear to be responsible for the theft. Negas, an operative in the employ of the Hutt’s on Manaan saw through the player party’s deception, and in turn framed the player party for the destruction of the Black Sun kolto harvesting platform on Manaan which killed Vigo Marr in the process.

Black Sun

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