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his site will feature material in the form of designs, statistic and artwork based on the copyrighted intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast and Lucas Films alike. This site is a non-profit endeavor meant to support the the ongoing Star Wars role playing Saga Edition based campaign “Dawn of Darkness” and in no way shape or form an attempt to generate revenue using any of the materials owned by the above mentioned copyright holders.

You can find more information on the Star Wars Saga Edition as well many other fantastic games and gaming materials at Wizards of the Coast (follow the link below).

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Next up is “Twilight of the Old Republic”, my first ever table top role playing experience as well as my first exposure to Star Wars’s “Expanded Universe”. This was a campaign which ran for two and a half years and to this day features my all time favourite PC. Though Dawn of Darkness is by no means a sequel to this campaign, one could say they share the same universe. Already one character first refereed to in Twilight of the Old Republic has appeared in game, and there will be at the very least one more. It also just so happens that the campaign was run by Escaflowne, now a PC here in Dawn of Darkness.

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Following the previous acknowledgment, we have the makers of the system Twilight of the Old Republic ran on as well as the first people to bring Star Wars to role playing, West End Games. With the classic d6 system and dozens of talented writers, West End Games would not only bring adventures in the galaxy far far away to role players everywhere, but they would build the foundation of the Star Wars expanded universe itself and help start the revival of interest in Star Wars in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Even though financial problems lead to WEG dropping the Star Wars licensee in the late 1990’s, the system was brought back into the sci-fi genre in recent years with the d6 Space game, many elements of which I have borrowed for Dawn of Darkness. Unfortunatly due to further financial problems, there is no corporate website I can direct you to, so instead the below link leads to their popular fan site where material from the Star Wars license is still discussed and updated on a regular basis.

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This next acknowledgment has to go out to the fantastic D&D themed web comic known as “The Order of the Stick”. Not only has this comic shown that gaming can be epic, grand , dramatic and expansive in scale while still being fun to the core, but my own style of art and illustrations are based off of the style used in the comic. The style, created by the comics creator Mr. Rich Burlew is perfect for a light hearted but detailed campaign, and it’s been a true pleasure to be able to use it to showcase my PC’s and their adventures in this far away galaxy.

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Moving along, I couldn’t have possibly made the site look like it does today had it not been for the great help, advice and aid from Arsheesh. You can see Arsheesh’s own great work featured on the pages for his own campaigns “The Age of Legends” and “Tales of Darkmoon Vale”.

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Lastly, there is simply no way I nor anyone could have so much fun running a Star Wars campaign and NOT acknowledge the company and the man who made it all possible. So I’ve saved the most important acknowledgement for last, for the man who’s vision crafted a generation of dreams, George Lucas and Lucasfilm. I have not nor have I ever had any relationship with Lucasfilm and this campaign is and always has been a non-profit project utilizing copyrighted material owned by Lucasfilm.

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