Aidan Dyre's Mandalorian Armour

Medium Battle Armour with Helmet


The formerly red & grey armour (now black and gold) has undergone a series of improvements over the time since Aidan Dyre has fled from Ando. Originally a light armour designed for ease of movement with protection in key areas, the trials through which Aidan has passed have necessitated numerous upgrades to this armour.

Still designed around the principle of ease of movement to help Aidan make the most use of out his hand-to-hand combat skills and to aid ranged combat, the current armour is made lighter by the addition of armourplast plating. Despite the armour now being a medium armour, it is 50% lighter. Combined with a Helmet package to improve Aidan’s perception, his ability to have hands free communications and a built in HUD which also allows low-light vision, Aidan can now function in night and day combat situations without being hampered.

Aidan’s armour is also adapted to various environments allowing him to function under difficult environmental conditions. Additionally, Aidan has built in a series of custom “surprises” which he keeps ready to get the better of his opponents.


Aidan Dyre's Mandalorian Armour

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