Human Female Force User/Scoundrel


Zeetra was a dark skinned human female, and a member of the mysterious Force-using tradition known as the Wardens of the Sky. Zeetra excelled at martial arts, and had uncanny abilities to blend into and be lost in crowds, skills paramount to every Warden of the Sky.

Encounters with the Player Party.

More than a year and a half after the end of the Clone Wars, Zeetra sought out the help of a fellow Force-using associate of hers known as Kotore for help in capturing four dangerous fugitives known as Aidan Dyre, Akira Ben-Toshi, Kalko the Colossal and Nyla Hawklight, the location of whom (on Dantooine) had been given to her by a very mysterious source.

Though Kotore was unable to help due to his advanced age, he did send his apprentice Thrax, a male Chiss in his place.


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