Human female scoundrel


Uhnri is a human female who lives in Freeworlds region of the Tapani Sector. Her career mainly consists of freelance bartending assignments throughout the Tapani Sector at high end and private functions. At the same time Uhnri is a member of a prominent and underground Freeworld spynet which specializes in gathering information from high level sources from through the sector, making her ideal for acquiring information from the noble houses and institutions in the Tapani Sector.

Encounters with the Player Party

The player party first met Uhnri when she spoke to Akira at the Raelli Ball at the Malgrin Palace in the Procopian city of Estalle Island in the Tapani Sector. Uhnri’s interest in Akira and the party peaked when Akira casually mentioned the name of the Corpse Droid and how they were pursuing it. Uhnri had heard the reports of a sinister droid creature operating on Procopia herself.

Though she and her associates in the spynet were unable to co-ordinate with the player party to prevent the party from being captures, she and her associates were able to work with Negas, Theux Paddox and Tabot in saving the twins Elsae and Eldewn Sarvool as well as Umdat, Dyneh Lonin, Miss M’Row and the Wookies Baccitcuk and Quaggo from certain capture.


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