The Navigator

Uknown Species, Unknown Gender of Unknown Origins


The Navigator is a member of an unknown sentient bipedal species with unknown origins. His species appeared to be a member of the cephalopod family, but displayed tenancies and desires inconsistent with all known cephalapods. Specifically his desire to consume brains has made his species unique and difficult to classify. He possessed great telepathic and telekinetic abilities like nothing ever documented before, and at the time of his death at the hands of the player party his age may have been as high as 100,000 years, though this has not been confirmed.


It must be noted that the following history is based on the research done by Akira Ben-Toshi while onboard the so called “Asteroid Ship”. This research has not been independantly verified, and as the Asteroid Ship has since been destroyed after colliding with the planet Bodir it is unlikely this history can ever be verified.

Never the less for the purposes of this biography, and as no other record of the Navigator’s origins have been presented, for the time being they are all that can be said is known of the creature known as the Navigator.


The Navigator originated in what was known as the Far Realm, and in this realm he came from the end of time itself. Using means unknown he traveled back in time to approximately the year 100,000 BrS and arrived at the celestial body known as Companion Grek, the seventh and furthest of the Companion Galaxies that orbit the Greater Galaxy.

Meeting the Kyrainians

While in Companion Grek the Navigator at some point came into a sentient species of early space farers known as the Kyranians, a short heavily bearded baseline human species with a love of invention, construction but especially mining. The Kyrainians had dug out a mountain on their homeworld and turned it into a massive spaceship, one that contained tens of thousands of Kyrainians which they called the Temple of Lakoman.

Though the ship was remarkable advanced for it’s primitive technology, it had only just developed the ability to achieve lightspeed through the crude and dangerous Tumble Hyperdrive technology. The Navigator befriended the ruler of this Asteroid Ship, King Nulanthal, and showed the Kyrainians how to control their tumble hyperdrive. With the help of the Navigator the Kyranians explored countless new worlds and mined great treasures never before imagined.

Dissent Amongst in the Ranks

Great mistrust of the Navigator amongst the legions of Kyranians however soon developed, even amongst King Nulanthal’s closest advisors. The Navigator’s cruel nature was witnessed many times, including one occasion when the Kyrainians attacked the inhabitans of the planet Hoqur in the Mandi star system. The Hoquri initially defeated the Kyranians with their blaster like weaponry, however the Navigator used his psionic abilities to turn the Hoquri against one another, eventually causing most to kill eachother before he consumed the still living brains from the heads of several Hoquri survivors.

These acts frightened and disgusted many of King Nulanthal’s advisors, but the Navigator had convinced the King that with his help the entire satellite galaxy would within his lifetime be colonized by their people, and that fleets of Asteroid Ships would roam space unlocking treasures beyond his imagination. The Navigator had manipulated the King to great effect, and was now more trusted than his own advisors.

Journey to the Greater Galaxy and the Final Betrayal

Shortly after the Navigator had convinced King Nulanthal to set a course for a decades long journey to the Greater Galaxy, a revolt was attempted by the King’s advisors who wished to kill the Navigator as they now feared he would lead the King and their Asteroid Ship to destruction. The Navigator killed most of the rebels with the help of the King, but the King’s High Priest Ikoranth was able to enact some sort of ancient power that encased the entire Asteroid Ship in ice, slowing it’s speed incredibly and making escape for the Navigator impossible until the ice broke up.

At some point King Nulanthal realized the Navigator cared only for himself, and was able to deal a near fatal wound to the creature while suffering a fatal wound himself. The King’s final thoughts were of regret for having ever trusted the Navigator and the doom he brought onto his fellow Kyrainians.

Biography writing in progress.

The Navigator

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