Female Tof Scout


Taldretha is a tall female Tof scout and professional bounty hunter. Though little is known of Taldretha’s bounty hunting companions, even less is known of her and her origins.

Taldretha has been known to tell her friends in close confidence that she is what is known as a Tof, but this species is to this day unknown or undiscovered by the galaxy at large. Where her homeworld is or why she chose to leave it is known only to Taldretha.

At some point during the Clone Wars Taldretha came to be employed by Lady Neera Garren and her organization he Perlemian Sirens. By mid year 18GrS Taldretha was serving with the Sirens along side the Gamorrean solider Vulvugna and the Bothan scoundrel and pilot Karka Nendor.


The only weapons Taldretha ever claimed to need were her pair of long and curved vibroblades. Her colleagues often remarked that they had not met a foe that Taldretha could split in two with one swing of each blade.

Encounters with the Player Party

The player party first encountered Taldretha and the Perlemian Sirens on the planet Ando exactly one year following the end of the Clone Wars. There they were undercover as a gladiatorial team, which Kalko the Colossal wagered on and won a large amount of credits.

Following the assassination of Imperial Governor Craz Oduur and the party’s subsequent framing for the murder, the Sirens took up the bounty.

Months later they were contacted by a woman named Tyrnia Masak who told them that she had located the party on the Outer Rim world of Dantooine, and that though she wanted nothing more than revenge against the party she would split the bounty of five-million credits a head with the Sirens. Neera accepted the deal, and a plan was hatched to travel to Dantooine in their respective starships and capture the party one at a time to avoid engaging them as a group.

Though they were able to aprehend Akira, an attempt to capture Kalko failed, and the Sirens starship was heavily damaged by the player party while they attempted to flee Dantooine. Akira managed to escape during the fighting, and after the Sirens surrendered the party following their ships destruction, he later advocated sparing the captured Siren’s lives rather than execute unarmed prisoners. He was able to convince Aidan to accept his plan rather than execute the women as proposed by Kalko.

Akira and Nyla would later take the prisoners to see the The Wise Old One, who chose to whipe the women’s memory of the party and the events on Dantooine, thereby protecting the party’s hiding place for the time being.

Tyrnia Masak however escaped Dantooine in her own starship and could not be found.


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