Human male noble


Tabot is an elderly male human noble and master spy in the employ of Theux Paddox and House Pelagia in the Tapani Sector. Much about Tabot is unknown, other than the fact that he is quite convinced that he is a Jedi Knight, despite the fact that he shows no sign of Force-sensitivity, has never demonstrated any Force powers and the weapon he claims to be a lightsaber is in fact a glowing stunrod.

Despite his questionable credentials as a Jedi, Tabot is incredibly well versed in Jedi teachings, Jedi lore, philosophical studies and galactic history.

Encounters with the Player Party

The player party first met Tabot when he arrived on the planet Xirul with Negas, Uhnri and his employer and friend Theux Paddox after coordinating with the others to save the player party’s friends and family Elsae and Eldewn Sarvool as well as Umdat, Dyneh Lonin, Miss M’Row and the Wookies Baccitcuk and Quaggo from certain capture by the dreaded Corpse Droid on Estalle Island on the sector capital of Procopia.

Tabot had become aware of the Corpse Droid’s presence on Procopia and had been following him for several days until he lost track of him. He also followed the player party on the sector capital when he learned that they to were in search of the Corpse Droid.


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