Korm Stroma

Male Human Noble


Korm Stroma is a male human executive with the Bank of Aargau’s home office on Aargau. One of his primary responsiblities is ensuring the liquidity of the banks massive assets as per Imperial regulation.

Korm’s younger sister, Kuri Stroma is also an executive with the bank and serves at it’s chief Imperial liaison.

Encounters with the Player Party

The player party first met Korm Stroma when they travelled to the planet Aargau in order to retrieve half a billion credits which had been stolen from their employer the Tarisian during the Clone Wars.

Akira Ben-Toshi, Nyla Hawklight, Krith Nosix and Beesix successfully fooled Korm and his sister Kuri into believing that they were investigators from the Imperial Deposit Insurance Corporation, and were able to use their disguises to get into the bank and transfer the Tarisian’s money out.

Korm Stroma

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