Ingle Mothheim

Male Human Noble


Ingle Mothheim is a male human middle aged professor of xenoarchaeology at the University of Byblos. Ingle is a highly driven man with a life long fascination for the countless of cilizations that have risen but since fallen throughout the known galaxy.

Ingle has a highly respected repuation amongst his peers and has been responsible for many major discoveries throughout the years from around the galaxy and has trained many other successful xenoarchaeologists.

Encounters with the Player Party

The player party first met Ingle Mothheim when he was brought to the Ecumenopolis settlement on Dantooine by Kalko’s friend Ssruzzz, whom Kalko had tasked with finding a buyer for a highly valuable ancient and mysterious book which had been given to Kalko as a gift by the Ando based Quarran Horrat.

Ingle paid 250,000 credits for the rare book on the spot, and then offered another 250,000 credits to Kalko in exchange for taking him on an expedition to a long lost planet he belived the ancient book would lead him too.

Kalko thanked the professor, but explained that he and his friends simply had too many jobs on their plate at the moment, to which the professor replied by offering Kalko 500,000 for the expedition, then one million credits. Kalko could only refuse the offer so many times until at last the professor offered five million credits in return for taking him on his expedition, to what Kalko thought of as a ghost planet.

Kalko immediately called Aiden on his comlink, telling him that they had just been offered five million credits for a job. Aiden replied that that was a most interesting offer indeed.

Ingle Mothheim

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