Governor Wilhuff Tarkin


Governor Wilhuff Tarkin is a figure of great importance within the Imperial hierarchy, though his exact role is unknown. He is a gaunt individual with strong skeletal facial features, and speaks with an educated Core world accent. His demeanor is quite serious and intimidating at the same time with little emotion other than a subtle hint of coyness. His duties within the Imperial military are also unknown, as are his activities at the mysterious Maw Installation.

Encounters with the Player Party

The player party first learned of Governor Tarkin when they viewed a holographic recording of a message he sent to Captain Granger of the Ellison’s Fury following the destruction of the planet Bodir at the hands of the Asteroid Ship. Tarkin was greatly interested in the destructive power of the Asteroid Ship, and told Granger he was wise not to contact his commanding officer Thrawn regarding this, and that any information he could gather from the craft would be of invaluable importance for his research at the Maw Installation, a location the player party had never heard of, nor could they locate in any navig computer.


Governor Wilhuff Tarkin

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