Governor Jan Hontor

Human Female Noble


Jan Hontor is a human female Imperial Governor of her home sector of the galaxy. She considered to be a cunning politician and a masterful businesswoman, serving both as governor and CEO of Hontor Galactic Industries at the same time.

Early Life

Jan was born on the planet Aunap in Hontor City, the ancestral homeland of the powerful Hontor family of Aunap. She enjoyed a life of great privillage and joy throughout her childhood, and attended the finest schools and educations across the galaxy. Jan excelled at her studies and was regarded by her teachers and tutors as having a natural predisposition to galactic finance and trade.

When Jan was only 16 years old she was admitted to the Crix Jin Hontor School of Business and Enterprise, the youngest of any student ever accepted, an honor earned with her high marks and grand ambition, not simply because she was a descendant of the school’s founder.

After a successful time at the school, Jan joined her family company, Hontor Galactic Industries, eventually replacing her father as CEO of the organization at the age of 24.

The Clone Wars

During the Clone Wars Jan helmed Hontor Galactic Industries as a staunchly pro-Republic enterprise, investing in all facets of the Republic war effort. These ventures yielded high returns for both Jan, Hontor Galactic and the planet of Aunap itself.

As a reward for her loyalty, following Chancellor Palpatine’s Sector Governance Decree Jan was made Sector Governor of her home sector. One of Jan’s first acts was to commision the creation of the 416th Legion of the Grand Army of the Republic, an entire Clone Trooper legion based on her home planet of Aunap to be deployed throughout the galaxy.

Unfortunately the Clone Wars ended before the legion could be deployed to a single battle.

Galactic Empire

A year after the end of the Clone Wars, Jan saw an opportunity to not only but the underused 416th Legion to use, but also gain control of a highly valuable resource. The governor learned that the capital city of the planet Manaan was in a state of unrest following the destruction of a kolto harvesting rig as a result of a bitter turf war.

The governor was able to seize control of the planet with little resistance using the legion and two Venator-Class Star Destroyers, and took control of an intact kolto harvesting rig owned by The Tarisian in the name of Imperial and sector security. Afterwards, the governor placed control of the kolto harvesting industry under Hontor Galactic Industries, thus completing an operation that befitted the Empire, Hontor Galactic and herself.

Encounters with the Player Party

The player party first met Governor Jan Hontor when Imperial forces under her command occupied the planet Manaan under the guise of putting an end to the civil unrest in Ahto City, but in reality the governor wanted only to forcible monopolize the lucrative kolto trade based on Manaan.

After Jan seized the kolto harvesting platform owned by their employer the Tarisian, the governor hired the player party for one final task on Manaan before they would no longer be needed, the killing of Negas, a deadly operative formerly employed by two Hutt’s known as King Larngo and King Duumba who’s own kolto harvesting rig had been destroyed on Manaan by the player party as part of a rivalry between the two Hutt’s and the Tarisian.

The player party accepted the governor’s offer, knowing they were lucky that the player party had not been discovered by the governor as being wanted fugitives from the Empire for the assassination of Colonel Taft Madine and Governor Craz Oduur, which they did not commit.

Governor Jan Hontor

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